Reducing The Showcasing

i-ar-hidingLately I’ve been feeling that the podcasts and vidcasts that I am involved with are flooding the front page of this site and hiding the content that I write.

This problem could only get worse as I become involved with more shows, so I have decided to make some changes to how the site works so as not to overwhelm you guys with content that has been produced for other sites.

To that end, all future podcats and vidcasts will not appear on the front page but will remain available under the “Webcasts” link and in the players on the sidebar.

I hope that will help bring this blog back to being more of a blog instead of simply a showcase for the shows I do.

I’ve got 4 invites for VeohTV to give away

VeohTV As you may know the and the Veoh desktop application have been at the top of my usage list lately when it comes to online video.

Well Veoh just got a whole lot better with the introduction of VeohTV and I’ve got 4 invites to give away.

Veoh TV is a huge upgrade for the Veoh desktop application allowing you to watch full-length episodes from ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, YouTube, MySpace, Google, Yahoo and loads of other sources.

It features a built in search for Yahoo, Google Video and which allows you to search for your favorite videos and watch them directly or download them them so that you can view them later.

You can subscribe to channels or searches and control your viewing from a Media Center style interface. If you’ve got a remote control for your PC you can even use that to control Veoh TV.

The application also integrates with Internet Explorer and Firefox to allow you to easily download videos you come across and have them added to your library.

Veoh has also included a kind of “desktop” under the interact tab of application which is loaded with Yourminis widgets and allows you to add any Yourminis widgets you feel like, such as the O’Flaherty widget. This could be a great way to keep track of RSS, podcasts and a whole bunch of other stuff from one location.

Currently I’ve been using the new app, which is in private beta for about 6 hours and it has proven to be more stable that the previous version.

The only issue I’ve had with it is that some of the content in the channels (such as the stuff from ABC) is not available to me because I don’t live in the U.S.

If you’d like to get your grubby little mitts on an invite all you have to do is link to this post and leave a trackback. If your blog doesn’t support trackbacks just leave a comments saying where the link is.

Invites will be given on a first come, first served basis.

Update 11 July 2007

 Just >21 VeohTV invite remaining.

No invites left. Sorry :(

TWiT and Twitter! Good for each other?

The first thing I want to say this morning is “Welcome back” to Kathy Sierra who has posted again on Creating Passionate Users about what she will do in the future.

I’m listening to TWiL (This Week in Law) Number 5 as I write this, and they’re talking about the legal situation surrounding the recent attacks on Kathy!

TWiL is part of Leo Laportes TWiT network and Leo has posted on his blog stating that he’s leaving (left) Twitter for competitor Jaiku.

Now Leo’s not leaving because of issues with the service, or even because he thinks Jaiku is a superior service but because of the name Twitter:

The problem is the name. I wish to heck he’d named it Tweeter, or Tooter, or anything but Twitter. Twitter is so close to TWiT that I’m afraid it’s really confusing. And it hasn’t helped the confusion that I’ve been such a fan of Twitter. I’m sure half the people there think we have some sort of relationship. But we don’t. And the proliferation of programs like Twitbox and sites like Twit This are not helping things much. So let me repeat…

Twitter has nothing to do with TWiT.

And, I’m afraid, I can’t have anything to do with Twitter, either. It’s just fueling the confusion.

Not so smart! Sorry Leo, but I don’t think it’s the best idea to want to disassociate yourself with Twitter because the name is similar to TWiT.

You should be cultivating the perceived relationship. You should look to integrate Twitter with TWiT.

You should have a Twitter stream for each one of the shows on the TWiT network. You could use the stream during recording of shows to take questions. The streams could announce episodes, recording dates, recording locations (if it’s a public recording) and many other things.

Twitter can be used to raise public awareness of the TWiT network and to provide some extra interactivity. In return, Twitter could benefit from the added exposure of being used by the TWiT network.

There are opportunities to be craved out here, that are mutually beneficial to both TWiT and Twitter.

Everybody who listens to TWiT, and uses Twitter knows that the to are in no way associated with each other.  However, as Twitter becomes more mainstream, this will change and it’s popularity could be used to provide a valuable influx of new listeners to the TWiT network.

Strike an agreement, start  a Twitter podcast on the Twit network focusing on the evolution of Twitter and the tools which are growing up around it (such as Steven Hodsons TwitBox and a plethora of others).

Talk about the best stuff being linked through Twitter and the latest meme’s etc. It doesn’t have to be tech related.  Twitter would be a great basis for starting a podcast based entirely on social media and networking.

TWiT is not officially associated with Twitter. Maybe it should be?

6 million have listened to podcasts? I think NOT!

I don’t care what the pew internet survey says, there’s no way that 6 million Americans have listened to podcasts There’s no way the numbers are even close to that. Just think about it for a moment. It pretty much follows that the majority of podcasters and people who listen to podcasts are bloggers right? Then why is it that even bloggers I know have no idea what a podcast is?

Never mind that, but a lot of the people I know have a hard time syncing their Mp3 Players, and certainly wouldn’t be savvy enough to try using other software to download a podcast and have it sync to their player automatically.

Damn, half the computer users I know haven’t even mastered “drag and drop”, or “alt+tab”, yet 6 million of them have listened to podcasts!

Yep, I can smell it from here.