You’re An Attention Whore And You Know It

Attention Whore Svetlana Gladkova from Profy posted about “Blog Day” and some of the dirty little secrets bloggers hide/neglect/refuse to share with members of the non-blogging world.

One point that stuck with me was Svetlana’s reasoning behind why people blog:

Bloggers will usually claim that they blog for all kinds of reasons, including willingness to share their unique knowledge and experience with the world or hoping to make the world a better place. But I’ve been working in the blogosphere long enough to know that only a very small percentage of bloggers actually have some big reasons for blogging while the vast majority only blog hoping to get money, fame or some professional recognition – and more money eventually. I don’t like the fact that I’ve lost my idealism months ago and I’d really want to believe all the bloggers that claim they only want to do good but my experience shows I only know a couple of people who actually want to do good and do something good instead of only claiming so – out of hundreds of bloggers I’ve met.

Svetlana has it almost right. I’m going to go one step further and say that the real reason we blog, twitter, podcast and vidcast is because we are all narcissistic egomaniacs / attention whores / desperately seeking recognition.

Yes some of us are driven to make money but the medium through which we do it belies our need to have our ego’s stroked and inflated.

If you tell me that you write for yourself and don’t care who reads it, I’m going to tell that I can smell what you’re shoveling from 10 miles away. If you don’t want it to be read, or have a desire for it to be read, why put it online? Why not just type in a word document or makes use of dead trees and graphite and get it on paper?

If you’re telling me you’re doing it just to make money, I’m still going to tell you that what you’re shoveling isn’t smelling any sweeter as we all know that blogging is not the right racket to truly make money off. A side income perhaps, but a true income, well that’s beyond the capabilities, writing skill and personalities (face it most of us are just boring) to achieve.

Tell me that you’re sharing you’re experience and knowledge to help others and I’ll agree that it’s noble, while flipping you off and telling you that you’ve gone beyond offending my nasal passages at this point.

If you want to help others get involved with an after-schools program, get off your fat arse and go out and help the needy, teach, do youth work, but don’t try to tell me that your 2 hits a day site (you and your mom) is a selfless attempt to help people. You’re just boring, not worth of traffic and are trying to justify the existence of your pinprick of cyberspace.

So what does that leave? Fame, recognition, boasting rites among our peers? Can’t think of many other reasons myself. Attention Whore!

Chrome beat Opera – IE is next!! No really, it’s true I tells ya!

Chrome-11-logo So everybody (including me) is talking about Google Chrome.

Yeah, great big woop!

It’s simply yet another browser with a number of cool features which the big boys will rip off duplicate over time.

To anyone who truly thinks Chrome will beat Internet Explorer for market share over time. Get your head out of your backside. I respectfully disagree with that assessment.

Until Apple start making machines that are not just for the pretentious who like to live in walled gardens within the realms of affordability for the average person with a brain that equates value to expenditure, Linux becomes intuitive and friendly enough that ordinary people other than those with no social/sex lives and the social skills of a dead gnat like my grandmother can use it, and until Microsoft stops making operating systems and shipping IE (keep smoking that shit if you believe that’s going to happen because Elvis is still buying Taco’s. No really he is!), is that EVER going to happen!!

Lots of sites are reporting really high Chrome adoption rates at the moment. Some, such as Profy, are even as high as 18.99%.

Here’s the thing that most people are missing when they are talking about Google Chrome usage levels:

The people who are using Chrome are the same people who are using Firefox, Opera and the other browsers of the early adopter crowd. In other words it’s us, you and me!

That’s right, it’s the early adopters, like you dear readers, who are using Chrome and we’re all doing it just to check it out and see what it’s like.

Some sites such as Profy and The Inquistr are reporting this, for others it is conveniently or unintentionally ignored in their zealousness to report of the next “cool thing” or the next IE killer!

Will we stick with it? Probably a few of us will, but most of us will eventually return to our usual everyday browser until Chrome becomes more feature complete.

Look at it this way, can you honestly tell me that people who use Firefox are going to live without their extensions? Will users of other browsers willingly abandon all their plugins and widgets? I’d bet my left nut against it!

The only real place Chrome will steal market share from (for any considerable length of time) is Firefox, Opera and the like. IE will be safe on it’s throne.

Just look at the usage statistics for this blog according to Google Analytics.

(Image no longer available)

The only browser, of any significance, that Chrome has more share than is Opera and to be honest I expect Opera to claw that right back as soon as the Chrome feeding frenzy has died down!

Oddly enough the stats for this blog are almost exactly on the button when it comes to the usage stats as being reported by Net Applications as they track global Chrome usage.

(Image no longer available)

What I really want to see is the usage stats from some non tech site, which are frequented mainly by the “average user” who hasn’t got a clue what an extension is and thinks that a script is only for plays and films.

Then we will get a real idea of just how “hot” Chrome is in the real world, which is the world beyond the early adopter tech blogosphere.

Update: 07 September 2008:

Updated the post to remove the unintended implication that sites such as Profy and The Inquisitr had failed to mention that Google Chrome usages levels were so high due to early adopter testing.

Mallicious Facebook App – No Typo!

mallicious_logoNo, that’s not a typo in the title.

 Mallicious, as site which is essentially a deal aggregator, has to be the most unfortunately named Facebook application and iGoogle Gadget ever.

Didn’t anybody realize that when they were were building this how uncomfortably close to "malicious" it sounds?

I know  they were trying to be clever but that name just engenders no trust.

Even worse is the fact that it’s also a Facebook app, and it can only be bad karma to have a Facebook app called "Mallicious" in light of FB’s current Beacon issues.

"Mallicious Facebook app"

"Mallicious iGoogle Gadget"

What were they thinking?

Despite the awful name, there is a positive review of Mallicious over on