Stop Snap-ping

Okay, so I’m useless an creating witty titles for posts ;). As mentioned before those SPA (Snap Preview Anywhere) popups are damn annoying.

Thanks to Daring Fireball, we now know hot to turn them off!

You know those stupid “here’s a thumbnail preview of the site this link points to” things that are suddenly appearing on a bunch of web sites when you hover the mouse over a link? They’re from a company called Snap, and the second question in their FAQ gives you a way to set a cookie to turn them off.

And if you have these things on your site, turn them off. They’re stupid and distracting.

Turn of SPA (Found via Lifehacker).

Snap back

I wrote about the problems with SPA (Snap Preview Anywhere) before, and why I think it’s a bad idead to implement the plugin on your blog.

It looks like its SPA is getting spanked again in the blogosphere again as Nick Wilson gives 3 reasons why SPA is ruing your blog and hurting your readership:

    1. Accidental triggers: When scrolling, or just moving from one element (maybe a link, maybe a photo etc) to another, the unintentional triggering of the SPA popup is distracting, at best. It draws the eye away from the task at hand, and causes annoyance, and loss of concentration — if you’re actually selling anything, pay close attention to this point!
    2. Click stalling: Quite often, when trying to click a link that features the Snap abomination, I have to click several times to get the damn thing to work. This is too much effort. If your site is that hard to use, you can bet I wont be back, and neither will others.
    3. I trust you: No, really I do! Im at your blog, despite like everyone else being really busy, im at your blog! I just want to follow the fucking link ok? Dont crowd me like some over-eager second hand car salesman trying to sell me a dodgy link, just let me see that its a link, read the anchor text and decide if I want to click it. I dont care what the bloody site looks like, if you’re linking to it, that’s good enough for me — really, get out of my face.

    Bloggers Blog, and others have picked up on this as well.