I May Enroll In the University Of Illinois Just To Play This

I so need this game and the screen. No, really, you don’t understand… I NEED IT!! Need… Neeeed…. I mean, who’s ass do I have to shove my nose up in order to get access to that screen?

BTW, don’t you love how they brought a girl in to play for the video? As if that would ever happen – a girl, playing a Star Wars game??

It’s been developed by Arthur Nishimoto, a student at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Initially designed in 2009 as a simple space strategy game, it soon evolved into a multiplayer project for the TacTile touch-screen display. Which, thanks to the fact it’s not a commercial product, could use Star Wars ships and sound effects.


Via Kotaku.

Star Wars Arcade: Turn Any Location Into A Star Wars Battlefield


Check out this video of someone playing Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner, which comes out next  month for the iPhone.

While the game uses the phones camera to turn any location into a battlefield, I suspect that you’ll have the most fun shooting down Tie Fighters if you’re not sitting on the couch or stuck in your bedroom 😉

Via DVice and FSM.

Steve Jobs, Reality Distortion Field And Cutting Users Fingers Off (Video)

You don’t have to understand the language in order to understand them meaning and sentiment behind this Steve Jobs and Apple orientated video. The scene with jobs cutting off the guys fingers is awesome.


The Force is strong with Twitterholic

Twitterholic must be the ultimate ego rub for the most obsessed Twitter users allowing folks to see the top Twitter users based on how many stalkers followers they have.

The number 1 and 2 spots are held my Leo Laporte (2,907 followers) and Robert Scoble (1678).

They had better watch out though, because Darth Vader (you know, big guy, deep voice, black helmet, in Star Wars! No.. Star Wars is not the one with Cpt. Kirk in it!!) is coming to get you! He’s in 5th place and working hard on Endor forcing stormtroopers and ewoks alike to become his followers.

He couldn’t rule the universe, so now he’s going to rule Twitterholic!

(Oh, I’ll try to make this my last Twitter related post for today!)