Skype On T-Mobile Sucks Ass. Wifi Calls Only

Update: Wouldn’t you know it!? As soon as I hit publish on this post I saw a story on Read Write Web that  Skype released an update today which allows 3G calls and I just tested it on T-Mobile. I can now make Skype calls on my phone from anywhere :)

So yesterday, following our AT&T fiasco, I got to spend half of the day on the phone dealing with a Comcast issue (intermittent outages) that had been ongoing for 6 days (you know on a service where I’m supposed to have a tech out within 24 hours) which frustrated the crap out of me but was eventually resolved.

In the midst of that frustration and, still without an internet connection, it rolled around to 10am, time to record WinExtra’s Daily Brief with my Canadian pal Steven Hodson.

Without an internet connection the video show was going to be impossible so I thought I’d Skype in from my phone (Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, T-Mobile, Android 2.2).

If video wasn’t possible, I could at least do audio.

Every month we have a group Skype call for the UrlyBits authors and I know that Amy usually joins us via her phone. So, the logic was – if Amy can do it, why can’t I?

I booted up Skype, found Hodson on the list, hit call and got hit with a popup saying Skype can only be used to make wifi calls in the US.

Skype Wifi Calls Only

Image from Laptop

In all honesty I should have know this was going to happen. The issue had come up before. My beautiful wife Sara had explained to me, patiently, that T-Mobile didn’t support Skype calls over 3G while I ranted on about how fecking pointless that was and how useless it made the Skype app.

I had forgotten about it, only to be slapped in the face with wet kipper of disappointment when I needed it again.

So once again I find myself wondering what the point of Skype on my phone is if I can’t use it to make Skype calls when I need it? If I can only use it on WiFi then I’m really only going to use it from home, where I have a laptop and a webcam and don’t have to hold the phone to my ear. I can sit back and even see the person I’m talking to.

It’s not like I’m going to go to Starbucks to make a Skype call!

What gives? What’s the point?