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Things To Consider When Buying Computers For Your Medical Practice

Money can be tight when you’re starting up your medical practice or small business, and it can be very tempting to save money by buying cheap computers –  but this decision can end up costing you more in the long run in terms of lost productivity and early equipment replacement. TLDR; Buy the most powerful […]

What’s Your Reputation Worth? Why It’s Okay To Say “I Can’t Do That”…

When I started freelancing and consulting, back when I was young, good-looking, idealistic and proudly rode my Brontosaurus to work, I made the same mistakes as many budding freelancers and consultants –  I accepted work that I really shouldn’t have because I wanted to ensure that next paycheck. Hey, don’t judge me! Do you have any […]

How Not To Apply To Guest Post (And 5 Tips To Avoid The Circular Filing Cabinet)

I received the above application to guest post on my blog this morning, which set my teeth on edge. Everything about this generic, impersonal, templated application is an insult to the owner of any blog that receives it, and it would have ended up in the virtual circular filing cabinet if I’d had my morning coffee and wasn’t feeling […]

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Developer Productivity Tip – Evernote As A Searchable, Portable Code Snippet Repository

One of the coolest things about developing especially when working with an open source product like WordPress, is that if you have a problem the chances are that someone else has already developed a solution for it. Need a piece of code to prevent YouTube videos from overriding your theme and messing up your content? […]