I Can’t Tumble And Bye Bye Daily Brief

Sad Kitty

Sad kitty is predictably sad...

Try as I might I can’t maintain a tumblr for personal use. Recently I ventured into the realms of tumblr for the second time, cleared out the thousands of imported posts on my old account and started putting in fresh content.

This went well for a while but I couldn’t shirk the feeling that content I was posting there, even if it was just a silly video or two, would have been better served here on my self hosted platform, where I “own” the post and am not subject to the whims of 3rd parties that may be gone in 5 years time.  Apparently Sara isn’t afflicted with this “split presence” issue… but hey, since when am I supposed to understand my wife? 😛 LOL

Anyhow, I won’t be using  my tumblr much anymore and will instead post that stuff here even if the posting process with WordPress is more laborious (but that’s a matter for a different post…).

On a side note, I have actually thought about experimenting with Posterous (again) but probably won’t as I see exactly the same issues arising.

To be honest most of what I was posting on the tumblr was just the audio and video version of the WinExtra’s Daily Brief podcast, but now that the podcast is no more, well, there’s  no need for it I guess.

Dealing with the issue of Daily Brief  – it was a fun time and we gave it a good old run. We published 154 episodes of Daily Brief  (video and audio) and close to 30 episodes of the weekly “WinExtra on Windows” (audio only) prior to that. We had actually finished recording #155 and it was ready to publish when the decision was made to pull the plug, a decision which was made and acted upon very quickly.

To be honest the demise of the show came as a bit of a surprise to me, but trust me when I say that Steven had his personal reasons and I fully support him in his choice and the direction he is choosing, and I hope to we will be able to collaborate on a podcast/vidcast again when things are more settled for him.

I also want to extend my thanks to everyone who, commented, reposted, watched, listened or got involved. I hope to be back in your ears soon…