I’ve protected my Twitter updates

idiot While my idiot stalker lacks the intelligence to realize that my Twitter account will NEVER contain anything that could be used against me or others (in court or otherwise), he continues to pounce on every random comment I make and use it to harass people who are near and dear to me.

At one time I promised that I would never stop my online activities because of pressure from idiots like him and I NEVER will.

Yet, I have to do something as a protective measure, as I simply can’t have those I care about hurt and harassed by some idiot who has a poor IQ for a bottle of baby oil glass of water and a revenge fetish that appears to dominate everything in his life.

Instead of quitting Twitter I have chosen to protect my updates so I can, from here on in, vet all of the people who wish to follow me to ensure that they are not spammers or my stalker incognito.

As such, I’ve also removed my Twitter updates from the sidebar of this blog. Even though I’ve protected my updates they would still have been publicly visible here.

I know that Twitter is but one avenue available to my stalker but it is perhaps my most significant public (not any longer) communication tool, with the exception of this blog.

There is a positive side to all this.

As my account is now protected and I “know” everyone who is following me, I will now be a lot more forthcoming and as a consequence hopefully more interesting and less “reserved” on my Twitter account.

Protecting my account is not going to stop you from following me either. As soon as I get notification that you want to play along, I’ll be happy to add you!