I got Paper Surfered

I hate to say it, but yesterday I had the opportunity to interview the infamous and incomparable Daddy Paper Surfer.

I would like to say that this was a coherent interview but honestly I just spent the whole time laughing and let DP take the show.

The show is in two parts because we had a little technical difficulty but is definitely well worth a watch.

Part 1. Part 2.

Vidcast: Pigeon Holes, Mommy Bloggers, Subscribers vs Readers

Yesterday Scot Duke invited me to be co-host on a very impromptu Mr.Business Golf Show and we talked about a couple of posts of mine.

The first topic of the show (and the last as well) was my reaction to a post by Erin Kotecki (The Queen of Spain). called "So you want to talk to mommy bloggers".

I had, literally 5 minutes previous to coming on the show, just posted a reply to Erin’s post called "Pigeon hole yourself and reap the consequences", which yesterday garnered some quite emotional comments so I’m hoping that this video doesn’t get me strung up from the rafters.

The second topic we discuss is about Subscribers vs Readers, which came out of a guest post that I did for Fuelmyblog called "1000 Subscribers or 100 readers?".

In the show we talk about subscribers and readers from both the bloggers point of view and the marketing point of view as well as discuss when is a good time to display your reader count (if at all).

The post on Fuelmyblog came was written as a response to Corvida from SheGeeks question:

"For those that have their RSS subscriber stats on their blog, when did decide to put yours up? At what number do you think it’s beneficial for others to do the same?"

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the show. In hindsight I think it would have been great if this recording from yesterday could have went out with the post that I wrote in response to Erin, but what can you do?

I hope you enjoy the show.

My new shows policy and why!

I had to make this video because I am so annoyed and embarrassed about the events that happened during the live show last night.

I’m still even too riled up to even right this piece of text.

This goes out with big "I’m sorry" to Kevin and Scot and everyone involved with the shows and all our viewers.

Vidcast: Morning rant – privacy and social networks

I’m not supposed to be working today but while on BlogTV this morning I did manage to fire off this rant about peoples expectations of privacy when they publish pictures and information onto the web and more specifically social networks.

This rant was brought on by reading a BBC article about the British Press Complaints Commission waning to set guidelines for how the press handles information gleaned from social networking sites.

The use of material taken from personal profiles on social networks by newspapers is to be the subject of a major consultation undertaken by industry watchdog the Press Complaints Commission (PCC).

This comes in the wake of increasingly numbers of newspaper stories that include images and text taken from sites like Bebo, MySpace and Facebook.

But the subjects of press reports are not always happy with the use of content they have uploaded.

Tim Toulmin, director of the PCC, in an interview with BBC Radio 4 says the organisation was getting complaints from people about material, “that is being republished when they themselves are the subject of news stories”.

Mr Toulmin says it would be useful to establish principles to guide the press in their use of social network content.

“It’s down to the PCC to set the boundaries in a common sense way about what sort of information it is acceptable to re-publish,” he says.

Here’s a direct link to the video in case you can’t see the embedded version above.

Congratulations to Jim “Voodoo” Maher!

Congratulations must go out to my cousin Jim who managed to get his name drawn out of the hat on the Fuelmyblog Live draw tonight.

Jim has won himself the chance to get a book put together courtesy of the fine folks at Blog2Print.

I must stress that this contest was not rigged. Kevin drew the winning name from a hat in France while I was sitting here doing stupid drum roll noises in Denmark. It wasn’t fixed, honest :)

You can see the recorded draw for yourself here.

Remember every Sunday for the next 20 something weeks you can win the chance to have your blog printed as a book.

So why not drop along to the Fuelmyblog Live page on BlogTv and hit the subscribe button to be notified when we come on air and be in with a chance to win. :)

Mr. Buisness Golf Show – Business Blogging

The second part of yesterdays session with Scot Duke :)

Today’s show was in Two Parts. This is the second part where Paul and I have a freelance discussion concerning why more Businesses need or should be blogging. There are some very interesting questions asked from the fans in the chat room. Check this out.

Mr. Business Golf Show – FuelMyBlog and SuperWebcam

Yesterday I had was lucky enough to be the first guest on Scot Dukes new Vidcast, the "Mr. Business Golf Show".

This is the first of two thirty minute shows we recorded 😉

Today’s show was in Two Parts. The first part was a review on FuelMyBlog and SuperWebCam Program.

FMB Live with Liz Strauss

Last nights Fuelmyblog Live turned out to be a great show full of great content.

After a series of technical problems  (and having Kevin in the chat room as me while I hosted the show in his name) the show eventually got underway and we managed to get an hours worth of great content in which Liz Strauss provided a great insight into how to write for blogs and the differences between blog writing and writing for print media.

Below you will find the two sections we got recorded, both are 30 minutes long.

Enjoy :)

Oh.. Happy Valentines Day everyone :)

Fuelmyblog Live with Liz Strauss Part 1.

Fuelmyblog Live with Liz Strauss Part 2