A Question Of Video

Question markTechCrunch is reporting that the social network we all love to hate, Facebook, is now the 3rd largest online video site in the U.S (numbers provided by Comscore).

Facebook apparently had 46.6 million video viewers in July compared to Googles 143.2 million unique viewers, allowing it to snag the number 3 spot.

The funny thing is, in all my time on Facebook, I can’ t remember when the last time I saw a video that was a “Facebook video”.

I see plenty of YouTube videos every day but Facebook videos are strangely conspicuous by their abscense.

Am I the only one that doesn’t see “Facebook videos” on Facebook?

Google Hasn’t Built A Twitter Killer: Goolge Buzz

FYI: I started writing this before the Google announcement today and am writing it as I watch it live and as a product GBuzz looks great.

Google doesn’t want to build, nor is it trying to build a “twitter killer”. What Google wants is your information in order to better target advertising.

Every time you send an email, update your status, chat on Goggle Talk, share an item on Google Reader, post a video to YouTube or a picture to Picasa, Google gets a little bit more information about you that it can use to better tune the advertising you see in the hope that you will click on one of those ads.

Information like your status updates disappear as soon as they are used but by offering timelines where you can see the status updates of your friends Google  can keep you on in their service a little longer and in front of their advertising a little longer.

By associating Facebook and Twitter id’s with your Gmail contacts Google learns a little more about both you and your contacts. They have already announced that you will be able to import RSS streams from other services, connect with twitter, and there was a hint of facebook connect. It was driven home that the platform will be made as open as possible and noted that if you tweet and it gets imported into GBuzz then it could end up on somebody elses recommended list.

GBuzz is shaping up to be a wonderful looking social experience, but it boils down to being a content gathering service. It will allow you to pump information into Google from all your other services, consume information there and ultimately spend more time in from of Google advertisements while providing it with the information necessary to fine tune those advertisements to you and your friends.

At the end of the day it all boils do to gathering more information about you in order to target advertising. They don’t need to build a Twitter killer. Twitter and Facebook already do a great job creating the information that Google wants.

What they have built however, is a marvelous looking social experience for those people who already use Gmail and Googles mobile services and given them the means to pour information about themselves and others into Googles servers.

The Future Of YouTube Channel Customization?

Interactive User Channels?

Interactive User Channels?

Google launched a new page on YouTube to promote the new set of “Artist Themes” for Googles browser Chrome.

The page itself features a fairly cool short video depicting the differences between bland ordinary browsers and Chrome, but the real fun doesn’t start until near the end of the video where it seemingly expands beyond the confines of the video player and takes over the entire page.

Once the video is ended it continues to scroll through images of the themes changing the background of the page accordingly.

While this is a great way to demonstrate the range of skins available for Chrome, I also wonder if Google aren’t letting us see a possible future feature of user channels, where you can have the background of the page change according to triggers in the video.

Much like setting annotations now, a user could set triggers to alter the background or some other element of the screen as you watched the video on their channel page?

4 steps to the ultimate Google search

Ultimate-Google There’s nothing like a quick Google search for bringing information from all over the web to your eyeballs in an instant.  However as great as Google is, it doesn’t always give you the complete picture.

Help is at hand and with this collections of greasemonkey scripts and Firefox plugins, I’ll show you how to have the latest Twitter, Wikipedia, Flickr and YouTube results displayed every time you do a Google search.

Okay, first things first, scoot your ass on over to the Firefox addons page and download “CustomizeGoogle”.

CustomizeGoogle is one seriously cool extension that allows you to add a lot of extra information (like links to Yahoo, Ask.com, MSN etc) to the search results as well as allowing to to remove unwanted stuff like ads.

There are literally hundreds of options and tweaks for most of Google’s services available in this extension, but to be honest, unless you want to go turning off the ads on the sites then the extension is pretty much configured perfectly out of the box.

Next up you’ll want to download and install the Greasemonkey extension.

For those of you unfamiliar with Greasemonkey, the extension allows you to run small scripts (bits of code) automatically when you visit certain websites and can be used to do everything from tweaking the appearance of a site to adding new functionality.

Once you have Greasemonkey installed (and your browser restarted) you’ll be able to choose from literally 1000’s of available scripts over on UserScripts.org but today we’re only going to be looking at 2 of them.

First up is “Google Search Sidebar with YouTube, Wikipedia, Dictionary.com and Flickr Results”.

This über imaginatively named script does exactly what it says on the tin. Every time you do a search using Google the results will come up as usual but now you’ll also be treated to an extra sidebar on the right hand side displaying the associate Wikipedia entry, Flickr image and YouTube video results for that query as well as a Dictionary.com definition (if you happen to have used a single definable word).

To install the script simply click the big black “install” button on the top right of your screen and click install on the resulting Firefox popup. To test the script in action just head off and do a Google search..

Finally we want to install the equally functionally titled “Twitter Search Results on Google” script.

This little baby displays the 5 most recent Twitter search results for the query just above the Google search results, allowing you to have both real-time Twitter and indexed Google results on the same page. Awesome.

Again, install the script and head off and do a Google Search but before you hit that search button be prepared for the instant information overload you’re about to subject yourself to!!

(Massive thanks have to go to Sara for introducing me to the two Greasemonkey scripts mentioned in this post! Thanks darling!)

Meet-ups and events for 28th of April – 5th of May

I’m starting to keep the length of my videos down on BlogTV so that I can cross post them to my YouTube channel.

This is the first one that I recorded this morning which is

a run down of what’s going to be happening the week of 28th of April – 5th of May.

It’s essentially a video recap of my previous post.

leave next Monday for London for Internet World which and will be there, live streaming on Fuelmyblog TV, with Kevin on the 29th in Earls Court.

Speaking of streaming, we’ll be doing a lot of stream next week.

On the Monday evening we will doing the Blog2Print Comedy Captions show from somewhere in Hertfordshire.

Tuesday we’ll be streaming from Internet World.

Wednesday will be from Heathrow Airport and Chicago.

On Thursday we’ll be streaming from various random locations around Chicago as well as from the Fuelmyblog Bloggers meet-up on Thursday night.

Friday will be more randomness as well as the opening cruise for SOBCon08.

On Saturday will be more SOBCon and to wrap up the week we’ll probably broadcast from the various airports as we travel back to England and then onto France and Denmark.