Scoble on Messenger

It’s 10am in Naestved Denmark and Robert Scoble is on MSN Messenger. That little popup just shot up saying that he is online.

I’m a regular reader of Scoble’s blog and yesterday added the him to messenger after he posted an address that regular readers of his blog could use to add him. When messenger informed by of his presence I immediately felt like sending him a message, but just before I double clicked the little blue green man that represents him I stopped and thought.

The process of thought, as many of you will know, is a relatively alien concept to be. A concept best left to others, and one that I hide under the quilt covers from. But this time I could escape from the closet occupying boogeyman of thought.

What would be the point in messaging Scoble? What purpose would it serve? What would I say? And would he care anyway?

My answers did not encourage double clicking on the little messenger man! All I could possibly say to Scoble would be “Thanks for a thoroughly entertaining and informative blog!” But Scoble doesn’t need me to say that to him. I’m sure the second he logged on he got inundated my thousands of messages from “fan-boys” saying exactly the same thing and wanting to nit pick things in his blog (which should be done on the blog btw).

Scoble obviously wants his readers to be able to contact him, as do I (although my readership is miniscule in comparison), and in order to accommodate this we’ve posted our IM information. Every time I log onto my IM clients I find myself setting my status to “invisible” because of the volume of messages I receive, not to mention the IM spam. How much worse is it for Scoble, with his massive readership (or dare I say fan base!)?

The immediacy of IM is great. It allows for instant communication from anywhere on the globe, however it has it’s bad side. This “instant gratification” that people receive on IM has led to a culture where people are unwilling to wait for an answer. Emoticons frequently pop up on my IM clients if I take less that 30 seconds to answer, depicting smiley face drumming their fingers.

People seem to forget that just because you IM someone it doesn’t mean that they have the time or the inclination to respond to you. Even worse are the prats who ignore when you have your status set to away and still IM you anyway. (As I type this I just received one of those.)

So, today I have decided to save Scoble the need to reply to one message that he didn’t need to receive (That’s my good deed for the year over with!), if everyone thought about what they wanted to say before double clicking that little messenger man (he get’s enough abuse as it is) maybe people wouldn’t be spending so much time “invisible” and moving away from IM clients.