Increase Blog Traffic By Stroking

The major problem with web site or blog statistics is that they are addictive. Once you begin taking note of the amount of traffic you receive it becomes a dirty little addiction whereby you find yourself constantly having a peek to see how much traffic you’ve received today. Was it higher than yesterdays? Higher than last months? Or, heaven forbid, has it dropped?

This addiction can affect all bloggers, whether your site gets 10 hits a day or 10,000 and once you’re hooked there is precious little you can do except feed your addiction. Like all addictions “stat addiction” (there’s a new term, just invented for your enjoyment!) has it’s highs and lows. Low periods are marked by falling numbers of hits followed by periods of confusion and depression, while the highs of “stat addiction” stem from increased hits and frequent commenting and returns by users.

As with all things in life, it’s best to avoid situations which cause you to feel down or depressed, so today we are going to look at what you can do to drive the “highs” of “stat addiction”.

Highs are generated by increased hits, and produce a chemical effect in the brain which educes a feeling of general well being, being wanted, superiority and smug gitedness (that’s a technical term fyi). This is also referred to as the “stroking your ego” effect. It is believed that only around 0.001% of people don’t enjoy having their ego stroked, and they are considered by all to be “very sad indeed”.

So how do you stroke your own ego? Well, unfortunately, stroking your own requires work, and it’s not something that you can get other people to do for you. Paradoxically, your ego must in fact be stroked by someone else, but the work required to get the stroking done must be completed by you. Let me explain.

In order to have your ego stroked you must perform a number of actions. The first is called networking. In the real world networking is accomplished by making friends and acquaintances, by visiting cafe’s, pubs and other such places where people congregate. This kind of networking can, and sometimes does result in stroking occurring, but not the kind of stroking we’re interested in today. On the internet networking is achieved by visiting other peoples blogs. This allows you to achieve a number of goals. First it allows you to see what’s “out there” and second it allows you to select blogs in which you would like to comment. Commenting in other peoples blogs, strokes their ego, and they may then visit your blog and stroke you in return.

There are many ways to set about visiting blogs. You could sign up with a web aggregator like Feedster which will allow you view other bloggers content (via aggregated rss feeds) before you pay them a visit, or you could join an online community like Blog Explosion. Blog Explosion is a great tool for the casual stroker because it allows you to visit other potential strokers in a structured way. As you browse other blogs you are guaranteed that for every two you view, one potential stroker will be sent to your blog. With a 2:1 traffic ratio it’s entirely possible to build up a dedicated following of strokers who will service your addiction everyday.

Of course, stroking other peoples ego’s and hoping for a stroke back in return, isn’t the only way to satisfy your “stat addiction”. Stroking is the Queen of the blogging world, but content is most certainly the King. Content, as the King of the blogging world has the potential to provide you with a dedicated following of strokers, who will return daily to satisfy your needs. But in order to do this, the content must be good, appealing, and feed another addiction of your loyal strokers. The underlying addiction which draws strokers to your site varies from site to site, and from blogger to blogger. It may be humor, news, technology or sex, but if it’s not good your strokers will go elsewhere for their fix and leave you swinging in the air, completely unsatisfied.

Besides the two major players of blogging, stroking and content, their is also design. Design is the Princess (or Prince!). The Princess, looks good, and entices potential strokers to your site. If she is bloated, with to much makeup, jewelry or adornments then it will take too long to uncover her charms and most strokers will move on to a place where they can be satisfied quickly. Design is a fickle creature, and strokers pay much attention to it. Remember that the best looking design may take too long to open on most peoples browsers, especially those poor souls still afflicted with the disease know as “Lethargic Dial Up Syndrome”. If your site has too much good makeup, or adornments potential strokers may think that your Princess is a prude and not even try to discover if she is wearing a chastity belt, let alone dig out an arc welder to remove it.

In the world of blogging, those who survive and cope with their “stat addiction” best are those people who both stroke the queen, and service the content king. As stated earlier, “stat addiction” is not an easy thing to live with if you just bum around and expect people to stroke you without cause. But if you put in the effort, “stat addiction” can actually enhance your life by giving you feelings of confidence and acceptance and other benefits too, such as those stated above.

3 thoughts on “Increase Blog Traffic By Stroking

  1. Thanks for the tips. I am currently state addicted as you say. I think it will pass. The way I look at it, blog explosion will get me off the ground, exposing my site to potential regular readers. That’s the hope.

    I like your blog and have it on my favorites.



  2. Hmm, I only posted about blog addiction on my site a couple of days ago. It’s seems this blogging addiction really is a global problem! 🙂 . Great blog by the way!


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