Does spelling matter online?

I admit to it, I’m not the greatest when it comes to spell checking my blog posts . Most of my spelling mistakes don’t come from actual bad spelling but are a result of bad typing, and in my haste and enthusiasm to fire my ideas down and get them online I neglect to hit “F7” and spell check the document.

I did it this morning, and had to go back and edit my post after publishing it. But does it really matter? Will it have an influence on my readership or on my number of hits per month?

Experience and pride tells me that it does! But both tell me two different things.

Pride tells me, that I’m (supposedly) an intelligent person. Allowing incorrect spelling into my posts is (from prides point of view) at odds with my ego and therefore my perceived intelligence. It’s also an affront to my readers who are intelligent, and therefor would not want to read my content if the spelling is not accurate. After all, failure to spell check displays a lack of pride in my own work, or worse a lack of respect for my readers.

Experience tells me that there are a lot of clicks to be picked up from misspelt words in both the field of search and domain squatting. Heck, it must be very profitable when you consider how many domain name squatters there are.

A cursory look at my traffic logs shows a substantial number of hits for misspelt keywords (as well as some exotic results that I can’t quite comprehend).

So, does spelling matter, if correct spelling brings hits, and promotes readership, and incorrect spelling can also draw traffic?

I think it does, but, this is my pride speaking.

From a practical, or “purely to generate hits” point of view, maybe having both correct and misspelt word ion your article could be the way to go.

How about in using the correct spelling of your important keyword in your title, but then using the common misspelt versions of the word throughout the article? This would/could garner you extra traffic from the search engines. The downside, is again that you may loose readership for the reasons mentioned above.

I think it would make an interesting experiment to deliberately try this with a few post and compare the results to other similarly trafficked posts.

As for me, I’ll stick with (trying to) using my spell checker before I post. But then again my pride and ego were always too big. I am a blogger after all!

3 thoughts on “Does spelling matter online?

  1. Hello Paul!

    Of course it depends who the members of your readership are. When it comes to traffic you have a good point, how many times have I misspelled a word and wound up sidetracked from my original search. Like you said it’s more about self-respect than anything else, pride. Even our personal blog posts reflect who we are.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic, I enjoyed reading.

    And by the way, I noticed one typo still. 😉



  2. Thanks for your comments Tisha 😉

    As for any remaining spelling mistakes, I must lay the blame squarely at the feet of the spell checker in Windows Live Writer. 😉


  3. I think it DOES matter….and it has more to do with just pride. I think it’s very considerate to care what your readers will see and hopefully comment on. If I can see that, I can excuse the occasional “typo”!



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