Podcast: O’Flaherty episode 1

Episode 1 of my new podcast: O’Flaherty.

Show notes.

Krak.dk scandal.

Robert Scoble

Technically Speaking

Andy Beard

Divya Uttman

Giveaway of the Day



Derek K. Miller

Download OFlaherty episode 1.mp3 – duration 30:22. 20.8mb

4 thoughts on “Podcast: O’Flaherty episode 1

  1. Thank you Paul for your shout out to Rex and I in your podcast! I thought your podcast was great…I look forward to episode #2. Oh and technically speaking live #2 is now up and running!!


  2. Good podcast. You have some great stuff, good points made and I agree with all that I understood. Thanks for mentioning Rex… I’ll keep you on my list of sites to check out again.


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