O’Flaherty – Episode #02

Getting sick with Vista.

Talking about new operating systems, cool blogs and free software while trying not to sweat on the microphone.

Apologies for my voice and rushing this one – I’m a little under the weather!


  • The joy and the hardware woes

The Experiment

Google WebMaster Tools



The Blogs


Get well soon Derek!

Download Podcast MP3: OFlaherty #02 25.6mb 27:56

One thought on “O’Flaherty – Episode #02

  1. Cool accent, even if that’s your sick voice.

    Our brand new Gateway Vista Home Premium machine is having *many* problems, so it’s not just old machine Vista upgrades to be concerned about. A big yes indeedy on the WoW sound issues you discussed and there’s also an active WoW Vista thread.

    Also having graphic driver problems with both the factory installed graphics card and when I changed to an nVidia card it had problems there too (not as bad though), so I switched back to the default setup.

    I should have a video or text post out later this week with some of the Vista craziness we’ve been experiencing firsthand.


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