OFlaherty Episode #03 – Coffee Club

Coffe Club

From Vienna to the coffee club and CC Spam to podcast clients for Vista.

Next MS OS in 2009?

King of Spam

Wheres my feed?

On the Podcast

Attribution to bloggers

Podcasting to Generate $400 Mil. in Ads by 2011

Good podcast client for Vista?

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Download Podcast MP3: OFlaherty #03 14.6mb 30:35

One thought on “OFlaherty Episode #03 – Coffee Club

  1. thanks again Paul! Yes, grab that piece of the $400 million pie. 🙂 hahaha.. I can’t wait until I have time again to crank a few out. Yup, we are still discussing a time to do the thing we discussed; don’t worry we have not forgotten!



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