O’Flaherty Episode #08 – The OFlaherty Doctrine!

The O’Flaherty Doctrine!

Tim O’Reilly’s proposed Bloggers Code of Conduct provokes a rant from me.

One or two minor audio jumps. Sorry folks!

Great music by The Joules!




Download Podcast MP3: O’Flaherty #08 11.91 mb 0:26:07

3 thoughts on “O’Flaherty Episode #08 – The OFlaherty Doctrine!

  1. Thanks Aeriff! Sorry about the absence, but between a holiday, being sick and just trying to catch up with work it was hard to get back..

    I promise I’ll try to be more regular with the shows from now on…


  2. Nice to see the Podcast is back after a short absence. Also, Congratualtions on being FuelMyBlog’s featured blog for today!


  3. No problems, I do understand that popular to contrary belief you do have a life outside the internet! 😛


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