O’Flaherty Vidcast #02 – Auntie Akismet

Auntie Akismet!

In this screencast I show you how to easily check hundreds of WordPress comment spams for false positives.



4 thoughts on “O’Flaherty Vidcast #02 – Auntie Akismet

  1. Scot I believe it should work on both as the script works within the browser itself..

    Once you have Greaskemoney and the Akismet Auntie Spam script installed in Firefox you should be good to go..


  2. Must be working so good that it is keeping Spam Comments away from my site. Seriously, I guess I am kind of like Jacob, I am going to hvae to wait until I get a heck of lot more activity to my sites in order to see if it works. But it does seem to be a pretty cool script. That’s for digging it up for us.


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