Happy Hour with Mr. Business Golf – Part 4

Happy Hour with Mr. Business Golf – Part 4

About 2 months ago I had the pleasure of a long Skype conversation with Scot Duke of Innovative Business Golf, about Social networks, their problems and their future.

The conversation, which was in preparation for his new book, was very broad and covered a lot of ground over the 2 hours. Scot has taken the time to edit the conversation down to podcastable chunks and this 18 minute podcast is the final installment of 4 podcasts to come out of the conversation.

As you remember the theme of our conversation has been with addressing a number of the problems the internet has that is keeping millions of people from entering cyberspace.

As usual, Paul has a prospective that is different yet more accurate than most view points expressed here in the USA.

In this first segment, I ask Paul a pretty open question on what is being talked about as a solution to the problems with the current internet.

In the second segment we discuss how the Telco’s play a large part of any infrastructure improvements for the Internet.

In the third segment we get into talking about the groups like Skunk Works who we have heard are looking at rebuilding the internet.

Then we wrap it up in the final segment with discussing what everyone should consider doing if they are thinking of joining a online social network group.


Download Podcast MP3: Happy Hour #04 17.2 Mb 0:18:50

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  1. Paul,

    Thanks for visiting with me on these podcasts and for the opportunity to play a round of virtual business golf with you. I had a grand time and I hope we get to do another podcast together real soon.


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