Podcast: Splogging or Blog Pirating (Part 1)

Happy Hour with Mr. Business Golf – Splogging or Blog Pirating 1

As a follow up to our podcasts about the internet and the problems with social networks (Part 1, 2, 3, 4) Scot Duke and I recorded a segment about splogs, how they affect bloggers and how to deal with them.

This 15 minute show is the first of series of podcasts to come out of that conversation.

Now, in this short series of podcasts I came to Paul with a question on how to deal with the growing number of Pirate Bloggers, or Sploggers as they are commonly known. This is becoming a huge issue and is driving many golf bloggers offline since they are tired of dealing with the problem. Let’s hear what Paul has to offer as a solution to Pirate Bloggers or Sploggers.


Download Podcast MP3: Splogging #01 13.3 Mb 0:14:34

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