Vidcast: Social Networks destroying Blogging?

Some rambling thoughts provoked by Steven Hodsons post “Social networks are destroying blogging“.

2 thoughts on “Vidcast: Social Networks destroying Blogging?

  1. Hi Paul – I watched/listened. For quite a few months I pretty much scoffed at the idea that there was any significant value for our business in these social networks, but decided this was shortsighted and two months ago started a detailed experiment in Twitter. I’m glad I’m doing this experiment even though it is taking a noticeable amount of time away from writing and creating content (videos, audio, etc).

    I think any serious amount of involvement with these networks does have an impact on blogging, but will these networks “kill” blogging? Nope, wouldn’t go that far. If anything maybe it will make people a little more selective about what they publish. I’ve always preferred longer, more meatier, pensive posts (or posts with photos or videos like this one) to linkblog type posts with little detail, so maybe a microblog is a good format to pull together and present that type of content among a group of interested — or at least semi-interested — people.


  2. Wow .. thanks Paul I appreciate the feedback and I’m glad that you enjoy my writing style althought brilliant might be a slight exageration but hey I’ll take it LOL 🙂

    BTW This post just showed up in my feed reader even though you posted on the 4th – which is why the delay in thanking you.


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