My Biggest Flaw As A Blogger

My biggest flaw as a blogger is that I don’t comment enough on other blogs.

I read hundreds of blog posts a day and while I may have a reaction to them, I am usually too busy to comment on them.

Instead I either share them on my link blog and / or Twitter with every intention of revisiting them to comment.

I rarely get around to it.

Not commenting on other blogs is hurting me as a blogger.

While I may be sharing and twittering the content of bloggers that I follow and find interesting, I’m not a part of the conversation.

By not commenting, I’m not exposing myself to (no pun intended) the readers of the bloggers I follow. They, and the bloggers I follow, have little or no motivation to come to my blog because they don’t really know I exist.

After all, if you don’t speak up in a crowded room you will never be heard.

I’m also damaging my blog from a SERP point of view as ever comment not posted on another blog is one less incoming link for O’Flaherty.

Now I’ve shared my biggest flaw as a blogger with you, what’s yours?

12 thoughts on “My Biggest Flaw As A Blogger

  1. It’s impossible to comment all the time, everywhere. I tend to go through stages.
    My biggest flaw – over commenting and boring the pants off certain people – tee hee


  2. For me I think it would have to be my spelling, grammer and editing skilla. I know I don’t do as well as I should post publish and end up making a number of edits to the live post.


  3. @Steve Hodson “grammer” is spelled “grammar” but on the other hand you are accurate about your faults… know thyself I say… and listen to the Grammar Girl podcast maybe?


  4. I’d have to say my biggest flaw is that I don’t visit enough. With school, work, and everything else I have going on — I don’t get a chance to read up on my favorite blogs & comment as much as I wish I could!


  5. Yes, Paul, I haven’t seen any comments from you over at my house of lies…

    I don’t think I leave enough comments either. And I’m not a good self-promoter either. Then again, how exactly do you promote a blog of wild fabrications?


  6. Yeah. Me too. I was lamenting the same lament. It’s a habit. I’ve tried scheduling a day a week for comments. But…not yet. Your post may inspire another run at it. It inspired a comment, so that’s a start.


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