Shirt In Or Shirt Out? What Kind Of A Blogger Are You?

Have you ever sat back and asked yourself what kind of blogger are you?

I don’t mean are you a tech blogger, business blogger or mommy blogger. I mean what kind of a blogger are you?

Are you a “shirt in” blogger, (I’m thinking about people in suit pants, shirt and tie on the hottest days) who dots every “i” and crosses every “t”.

Are you the kind of blogger who puts together impenetrable blog posts, full of outstanding logic that leaves little room for argument? When you’ve written your post do your readers feel the need to comment or are your posts so perfect that there’s nothing left to say once they’ve been read?

Do you only post about the topics your blog is supposed to be dedicated to?

Or are you a “shirt out” blogger?

Do you write posts that are off the cuff, that allow plenty of room for interpretation and rely on the intelligence of your readership to fill in the blanks? Do you trust that your readers will figure things out for themselves once you’ve provided the quick piece of insight which will spark conversation.

Do you allow your blog posts (like your shirt) to fall out beyond the realms of the pants and belt you’ve tucked them into?

So dear readers – shirts in or shirts out?

5 thoughts on “Shirt In Or Shirt Out? What Kind Of A Blogger Are You?

  1. why do you have to ask such difficult questions?? 🙂 I think I would have to go the shirt out route with the occasional tucking in for appearance sake 🙂


  2. There are a few blogs I have read over the years I think the blogger was not wearing a shirt.

    I totally depends on the subject I am blogging on if I have my shirt in or out…but thanks for asking. It is a comment worthy question.


  3. My shirt is half-in/half out, like how Wayne Gretzky used to wear his jersey.

    My posts are impenetrable, but because of their illogic. And I stick to the topic I’ve chosen, even though that topic is me giving them wild fabrications and outright lies.

    Also, I rely on the intelligence of my readers, but I don’t necessarily trust them to figure things out for themselves.


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