Interview with Chris Cree @ SOBCon08

I’m finally getting around to editing all of those videos and interviews that Sara and I recorded in Chicago for Fuelmyblog.

This first video to be cranked out is an interview with Chris Cree from

In this video I ask Chris about his involvement with SOBCon as well as getting Chris to share some tips for bloggers and tell share what he thinks separates successful bloggers from everybody else.

Chris shares some awesome tips in this video but I think the most poignant one to me is to :

“Absorb as much information as you can from other blogs, but be yourself!”

It was a really pleasure to spend time talking with Chris and I hope you enjoy the video (even if Chris did call me Kevin!)…

One thought on “Interview with Chris Cree @ SOBCon08

  1. Great interview, and while I agree that it is a powerful statement to learn from other blogs but be yourself, I found that all the advise he gives are worth their weight in gold. Particularly the one about reviving an abandoned blog.


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