Are You Locked In Your Room?

I was thinking as I lay awake last night (30 minutes total sleep and I went to bed at a shockingly early 11pm) that the room I was staying in last night was very much representative of many bloggers who don’t read other blogs (or who keep within a limited number of like minded bloggers).

The room itself is representative of the mind set of many people who like to surround themselves with people who think along the same lines and represents a self imposed wall of thought around the creative process behind blogging.

That’s why the best bloggers read a lot. Not just blogs, but newspapers, magazines, listen to the radio and build a much broader picture of their world that the narrow one which is just their field of interest.

They don’t keep the door to the room locked and only allow in folks of similar opinion. They make the room open to all and sundry to visit and actively trek outside to experience other rooms and place in order to build of a bigger picture of the world.

They pursue experience by challenging themselves to face to opinions of those who would not normally fit into their room.

What about you? Do you let fly the windows and doors and venture outside or do you remain inside?

8 thoughts on “Are You Locked In Your Room?

  1. @DoesWhat I suppose you could take it that way and it would be right in that context as well. I just was thinking about blogging when the idea hit me 🙂


  2. This is a very profound post and very true. It is looking at the world from either side of a telescope. Specialists tend to stay in rooms and generalists tend to open the windows. Both have a place in the sunlight. Just imagine what would happen if doctors opened their windows!


  3. I’m torn to agree and disagree with this. On one side we all know to have a successful blog or website you generally need to create a niche topic. Yet at the same time create quality content which could be taken in a broad spectrum. Granted this isn’t a must when creating a blog with some personal blogs being extremely popular. Now for the other side of me agrees with DoesWhat. Tons of people close themselves to what interest them most and not expand on other things. They rather only learn about one specific topic disregarding majority of other things outside. Those are the people I believe you are specifically speaking about. These are the people we wish we had the ability to open the door and expose the world to them.


  4. Blogging is one facet of the world…and, in my opinion, a small, narrow and self-absorbing one by nature. For example: While I think you have a point of being well-read leads to open-mindedness, this is written on your blog, as your opinion, thus blogs can be viewed as a form of self-absorption.

    While I enjoy reading other people’s perspectives on life, that isn’t necessarily expanding the world in a real way. To insinuate otherwise is to over-inflate blogging.

    Also, due to the nature of internet, I think it is difficult to have only people who follow your narrow viewpoint in life interacting on your blog. Unless you have a private blog with private access or are a comment nazi deleting any you don’t like people from all walks of like can read your blog. The internet is a medium that allows any and all to participate on your blog if they like.

    Yep, I let fly the windows and and door and venture outside. But, and this is just me, I’m more concerned about flying those windows and doors in real life than doing it through a blog.


  5. @Queen of Shake Shake, you are dead right about blogs being a from of self-absorption, (it’s hard to think of any creative hobby that isn’t), however, when it comes to interacting with other bloggers, I wasn’t thinking about interaction with the people who comment on your blog.

    By surrounding themselves with like minded bloggers, I was referring to the people who live in an echo chamber with regards to the bloggers they read.

    The kind of people who only read people who have the same or very similar opinions so that they’re entire microcosm becomes one huge circle jerk of self appreciation and back patting with little room for new influences or ideas.

    While people form outside that “bubble” may comment on their blogs, the bloggers in question would regard those answers as “stupid” or inflammatory and not respond to them even though they may let them stand.

    I think everyone who has commented on this post has it correct, from both a blogging and a general life point of view.

    There are so many great sayings that sum us this kind of behavior, “birds of a feather flock together”, “great minds think alike”, or my personal favorite, “fools seldom differ”!


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