Introducing You… The CEO of Your Blogspot Blog

Do ever ever stop and think about how you introduce yourself, about what that title you’ve slapped on yourself says about you, when people in your industry know what it is you do.

Anybody can be a CEO these days. The title is so bandied about that it’s almost become the new word for “unemployed with a project”.

I received this today via the contact form on my blog today. I’ve removed the identifiable information, but it just goes to highlight how ridiculously over used the title of CEO is.

Hi Paul:

My name is XXXXXX and I am CEO of the blog, I look at your website regularly and I think it is good and I think it’s cool. In fact I have bookmarked it. I would like to partner and trade links with you.

I am based in XXXXXX and I receive traffic locally as well as from all over the world. I hope to hear back from you soon and if you have any questions please let me know. If you decide to trade links with us please send back your web address and how you would like your site’s name to be listed.

If you decide to trade links with us, use the name XXXXXX and the URL: .

Until then have a great day.

Best Regards,



(XXX) 000-0000

See what I mean, ridiculously over used. And lets not even mention that URL! LOL

14 thoughts on “Introducing You… The CEO of Your Blogspot Blog

  1. *snort* That is so funny! The best part (for me) is when he came up with that and thought, “Oh, this is the best idea EVER!”

    Speaking of which, was it a guy or a girl? I mean, of course it doesn’t matter, except it kinda does. Just to me though, I’m sure.


  2. Funny.. Everyone’s a so-called CEO these days : ] I think people embellish their job titles quite a bit.

    Jenna (Office Assistant) : ]
    –that’s my title, for real!


  3. CEO of blogspot. Marvellous. I’m the king of the world. In my opinion it looks kinda childish, can’t understand a guy who wrote that. Is it so hart to invest a few bucks in domain name? And CEO…:D Maybe it’s time to include that in resume.. 😀


  4. This is why the only title I like to attach to my name is Lord. It demands attention, and it sounds better.

    Lord Renal Failure. CEO Renal Failure. Which sounded more important?


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