You only get out what you put in

If you want traffic from social networking sites (like Fuelmyblog)to be driven to your blog then you need to participate in the sites.

Simply signing up, adding your site and then buggering off and ignoring the service will benefit you nothing and is quite simply a waste of time.

A word of warning. If after signing up for a service and not using it, you then have the nerve to email me and complain about the lack of traffic you received, when you’ve never so much as left a comment elsewhere, then I will take a very big stick and beat you round the head a few times with it.

Enough said!

5 thoughts on “You only get out what you put in

  1. Hah, couldn’t agree more mate. People who don’t contribute are just SEO’s who think you owe them traffic. Social sites are all about the interaction, and if you get traffic that’s a bonus.

    Good luck with FMB, we still drop in from time to time.


  2. @Brett Thanks a lot, and you may have hit the nail on the head with regards to the SEO’s…

    @Daddy Papersurfer …Nobody, nobody could ever complain about you participating…


  3. I don’t think it is a waste of time, but you do need to play the game to get the most of of these sites. It isn’t I good ROI for B2B sites. My time is better spent else where’s.


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