How much is a reader worth?

If you are in any way interested in monetizing the content you create and publish online then it rapidly becomes evident that the value of your content (and your means to monetize it) is measured not by content itself but by the number of people who consume it.

That is not to say that the content itself has no value. Ultimately the best content should draw the biggest audiences but unfortunately this is not always true as many a great piece of content remains undiscovered due to lack of exposure or marketing and conversely many a mediocre piece has been seen by hundreds of thousands due to clever and efficient marketing.

It follows that if you were to sell your blog in the morning the true value of it lies not in any arbitrary calculation of current advertising earnings, extrapolation of cost based on money spent on development or design work, perceived value of a PageRank (which can be temporary and fleeting)or even on some sentimental value, but on the number of readers.

Well, to be more precise I would say on the number of readers that would be expected to remain after the blog changed hands.

So this leaves us with one important question!

How valuable is a reader? What monetary value can you place on a subscribers eyeballs?

So, that is my question to you dear readers? What is the value of a subscriber? How much are you worth to me and why? Conversely, how much am I worth as a subscriber to you?

3 thoughts on “How much is a reader worth?

  1. thanks for pointing it out.. i think it depends on the quality, interesting post you did and gain trust to your site… more likely having them to keep coming back to your site for more updates..


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