Everybody’s talking – right?

An IM conversation with Sara from Suburban Oblivion about the new Microsoft ad campaign with Seinfeld and Bill Gates.

The conversation says it all really!

[15:50:12] Paul O’Flaherty says: 🙂
[15:53:21] Paul O’Flaherty says: Did you see this yet?
[15:53:21] Paul O’Flaherty says: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/windows/default.aspx
[15:54:31] Sara says: the ads? no
[15:54:43] Paul O’Flaherty says: Don’t know what to make of it
[15:54:49] Sara says: let me see
[15:54:53] Sara says: hang on
[15:55:00] Paul O’Flaherty says: Take your time
[15:55:03] Paul O’Flaherty says: I’m not going anywhere
[16:00:28] Sara says: just watched
[16:00:34] Sara says: drugs..very heavy drugs
[16:01:08] Paul O’Flaherty says: LOL – am still undecided as to wether or not this is drugs as you say, or the beginning of a series (which it will be part of) that may broder on the edge of genius
[16:01:13] Paul O’Flaherty says: er.. border
[16:01:19] Paul O’Flaherty says: will need to think about it for a bit more
[16:01:26] Paul O’Flaherty says: btw.. my mouse mat burst
[16:01:30] Sara says: well, it’s off-beat, but smart
[16:01:41] Paul O’Flaherty says: sure is
[16:01:46] Sara says: shows Gates in a different light than you usually see him
[16:01:54] Sara says: a bit humanizing
[16:02:02] Sara says: able to laugh at himself
[16:02:08] Sara says: which is not how most people view him
[16:02:13] Paul O’Flaherty says: And how did they make BillyG seam more normal and cool and “fluid” than Seinfeld
[16:02:21] Sara says: Seinfeld, everyone knows and relates to
[16:02:50] Sara says: so I don’t know if there’s going to be a point to it, or its just a PR thing
[16:02:55] Sara says: but I’d go with genius
[16:03:02] Paul O’Flaherty says: Yeah me too
[16:03:08] Sara says: its going to get everyone talking
[16:03:14] Sara says: “wtf is it about”
[16:03:15] Paul O’Flaherty says: Already has
[16:03:20] Sara says: just like us now
[16:03:29] Sara says: so it’s working either way 🙂
[16:03:38] Paul O’Flaherty says: yep
[16:03:51] Sara says: I love it

Judge for yourself.

5 thoughts on “Everybody’s talking – right?

  1. But Bill Gates didn’t seem cool and fluid. He seemed slightly out of step and not quite sure what he was trying to portray. I am amazed the producer didn’t try a hundred times more until it looked better than it did.

    He’s not an actor – it’s not what he does or can do. I would love to be a fly on the wall in Seinfeld’s brain right now – metaphorically speaking – because Seinfeld has come a long way since the comparatively frozen face of his early stand up. And now he is running like a demented clown trying to make BG look good. It’s sad. I use a Mac, by the way.


  2. @David: I never said that he was, just that he was more normal, cool and “fluid” than Seinfeld! Which he was, because as you said yourself, Seinfeld was like a demented clown!

    Oh, about the Mac, sorry man! I’ve heard you can get surgery for that 😉


  3. You take two high profile personalities and put them in a commercial, you will get traffic commenting on it. What does it sell? Seinfield and Gates? Where is MS in this ad? What is the message? If as it has been explained, this is the beginning of a series of ads, I think that it is a waste of good money for a teaser, which is unnecessary for a product like MS.


  4. I agree with rummuser. This commercial or teaser is used just attract the visitor. because i couldn’t able to understand the blog unless or until saw the video clipping.


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