O’Flaherty Episode #21 – Show me the money!

Show me the money!

Recorded on my cell phone, I talk about how Technorati has become irrelevant, how much money the average blogger makes their blog, opening unsolicited emails and finally naming and shaming companies which use human spammers.


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2 thoughts on “O’Flaherty Episode #21 – Show me the money!

  1. Paul,

    Why do you call me a spammer…?

    I left 1 legitimate comment on your blog on a post that I thought was interesting. Do a search Paul, my comment is unique content, not spam. I have only left that comment on your blog. I even left a followup comment in response to your reply.

    Do you even know what spam is…?

    You imply in your podcast that you would like to blacklist my good name and have me declared a spammer on a spammer registry website…?

    Are you insane…?

    Defend the porn industry if you must, but do not label me as a spammer, and suggest that people like me should have our names blacklisted just because I left a comment that somehow strikes a chord with you.

    If you have a problem with spammers then direct it towards those in your beloved porn industry, who, incidentally, are the biggest spammers on the face of the planet.

    I visited your website, made a legitimate and relevant comment, and you have only insulted and slandered me and you certainly put the kibosh on it with this podcast.

    Well done mate.


  2. TJ, I think that maybe you should revisit the podcast and listen to it again.

    Do I know what spam is? Damn right I do. I suggest you go look-up the definition of spam and splogs.

    And with respect to your comment I specifically mentioned your site in asking my readers to help me figure out how to deal with links like yours, which clearly have no value to my readership and clearly exist only to pimp your products.

    I don’t question the validity of your comment! Simply the validity of your link on a blog. That’s why I didn’t remove your comment and that’s why I have let successive comments stand.

    Do I want to put the names of companies who employ human spammers on a list and name and shame them? Yes I bloody well do! Would you end up on that list? I dunno, do you fall within the criteria I mentioned? If so they yes, I want to name and shame you. If you don’t then what do you have to worry about?

    Did I defend the porn industry? Not in any way shape or form. In fact I was indifferent about it and suggested that the defense or otherwise of it be let to people with less important things to think about!


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