So you think you’ve got friends?

The comic strip says it all really. Why do social networks insist on calling all of your online acquaintances friends, when you’ve probably only met less that 1% of them in real life?

Maybe they should call them buddies, pals, stalkers or something?

(Image via Non Sequitor)

12 thoughts on “So you think you’ve got friends?

  1. This is hilarious, Paul!

    I am just wondering about how socially connected we became since the rise of social media networks but I think it's something close to the idea of 'pen-friends'; it's just we are using keyboards! 😀


    1. Yep, penfriends would be a good analogy except instead of having 1 or two that we wait weeks to hear from (and if they never write back can never find out why) we have 1000's of them and get to hear far more from them than we would usually like 🙂


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