CNN reporter linked to Michael Jackson’s death!

The reporters (and I use the term very loosely) at CNN are apparently so starved for news, so desperate for page views and have such a tenuous grasp on reality that they now resort to groping at the thinnest and most improbable of straws in order to create a headline.

Today there was a post about a generic version of a drug being recalled from the maker because two lots of it had been tainted by some contaminant.

Now, as story, it stands up by itself. The reporter could have kept things short and sweet, telling the truth, that the drug is manufactured by 3 different companies and that the brand name, as well as the product from the two other manufacturers, is still on the market.

But guess what CNN decided to do instead?

That’s right, they decided to go for the most flimsy and ridiculous thread they could find, which is that Michael Jackson had “reportedly” taken the brand version while he was still capable of doing the moonwalk.

The result was an article entitled: “Generic version of drug linked to Michael Jackson recalled”.

What’s even worse is that, not only is this a ridiculously far fetched piece of link bait, but within the first two paragraphs of the article, they completely destroy their own reason for using the headline.

(CNN) — Two tainted lots of a generic version of a drug reportedly taken by Michael Jackson have been recalled by the drug maker.

However, no link has been established between the drug — a powerful sedative and anesthetic called propofol — and the singer’s death.

I’ve added the underlines to the quote to highlight the idiocy of what they are suggesting, as well  I almost find myself needing to scream: “You idiot! Of course there is no link – he’s not taking that version of the drug!”

Let’s get this straight: The recalled drug was called “Propofol”, Jackson was reported to have used “Diprivan”, the brand version, at some point while he was alive? Get it? Good.

This kind of “link-baiting”, this grasping at imaginary straws, this connecting of two completely unrelated events in an attempt to draw visitors to a, let’s admit it, barely news-worthy post, is quite simply not the level of integrity or professionalism expected from one one of the largest news outlets in the world.

The kind of logic employed and apparently acceptable to the editor of that post, would also allow me, if I was working for a news agency with similar low standards, to get away with the title of this post, simply because CNN had someone cover and report on the events surrounding Jackson’s death.

It’s just over 17 months ago since I wrote about my belief that most bloggers simply don’t have what it takes to be mainstream reporters, but as I look at how far mainstream media has fallen with their reporting standards, I may have to eat my words.

It seams that any hack with a keyboard can call themselves a journalist these days.

8 thoughts on “CNN reporter linked to Michael Jackson’s death!

  1. Now Paul, settle down.
    You seem to have CNN somehow confused with some sort of news gathering or news reporting service hence your understandable outrage.
    If you just step back for a moment and get the concept that CNN is an entertainment service specializing in fictional pieces you will see that the entire story makes perfect sense within that concept.


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