20 Tips for creating fresh ideas

We all need fresh ideas. From our personal lives to our blogs, from business to entertainment, rehashing old ideas gets, well old, and very quickly.

It’s good to have variety, it’s great to have spice and it’s even better when we come up with an idea that nobody else has, or is implementing. Those kind of ideas lead to happiness, profit and in my case an 18+ hour work day.

I’m posting 5 of my favourite tips from Daily Blog Tips “20 Tips for Coming Up with Fresh Ideas”, which I couldn’t resist linking to simply because they’re first tip is so me.. “Be really grumpy!”

  • Be really grumpy! Keep track of the things that annoy you. This is a great place to start, as you know the problem intimately as well as being the first customer for any solution.
  • Go people-watching. Unleash your inner spy! Spend time watching people go about their everyday lives. What are they doing? How do they do it? Can you spot any obvious problems?
  • Distract yourself. Have a change of scene. Do something that you love doing that has nothing to do with your business or blog. Get lost in what you’re doing. Often we come up with solutions when we’re not even thinking about the problem in the first place.
  • Critique everything. Question everything, and ask yourself “why?”! Intelligently analyse your environment and think of improvements. See what lessons you can learn about the good and bad things in your environment. – (It’s what  kids do all the time – Paul)
  • Think like a child. Children have a fantastically simplistic and candid view of the world, something we lose as we become adults. Employ a strong sense of curiosity and simplicity when looking for solutions. So many things in this world happen due to convention or habit, so thinking like a child helps to break this pattern.

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