Old Skool Pirating

I’ve seen a number of posts today about the poor RIAA / MPAA and how they’re not making any money, losing billions to illegal pirates and bit torrent, yet when the movie industry alone is on course to have yet another record summer season, I must confess to having no sympathy for them.

U.S. Box office reports of earnings in excess of $3.99 Billion so far this season put them well on track to beat last years record summer of $4.02 Billion.

The beleaguered music industry is also continues to make claims of impoverishment while Warner Music reports profits increases of 70% in Ireland.

With that in mind, it obviously came as a bit of a chuckle to see this image of a cassette released by the Dead Kennedys 28 years ago.

Pirate Tape

4 thoughts on “Old Skool Pirating

    1. I'll admit to remembering them then.. LOL at 30 I've seen my share. In fact I think I have a box of them lying around here somewhere.. Damn I'm getting old 🙂


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