Why Ask A Question If People Can’t Answer?

gagged I’ve always believed that blogs were about conversation.

You put your ideas out there and people give you feedback. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they disagree, sometimes they end up ranting like a loon but you always have conversation.

Needless to say I’m one of those people who believe that a blog without the ability to comment, isn’t!

Sara posted a link to Psychology Today, where Satoshi Kanazawa was spouting conspiracy theories about the Joe “You Lie!” Wilson photograph published after he embarrassed himself during Obama’s recent speech.

The title of Kanazawas post was “Who took the picture of Joe Wilson? And how?” and the final sentence of the post was also a question. Yet for all their questioning, they don’t have anywhere for readers to respond. They don’t have a comment form.

My question is simple: Why ask people a question if you’re not going to give them the opportunity to respond?

Is it that they are:

  • Afraid of being wrong?
  • Afraid that someone will question their assumptions?
  • Too lazy to engage readers in conversation?
  • Pretending to be involved in social media while simply talking at, instead of to people?

Am I missing some other possible reasons?

2 thoughts on “Why Ask A Question If People Can’t Answer?

  1. Paul, I was just as surprised to see no comment box. I really wanted to comment on the article, because the author (too lazy to scroll up) didn't take into account that the photo might have been cropped from a larger image, or taken with a video camera. Digital video these days has the potential to produce sharp still images. If you think about the fact that there are only about four hundred people in the room, and a single camera can follow three or four people at a time, then it's not as unlikely as it seems for someone to be pointing a camera at Joe Wilson when he makes an ass out of himself.


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