The FCC, TSA, @MyBottlesUp And Why Bloggers Can’t Be Trusted

Nic from MyBottlesUp - Lying for attention?
Nic from MyBottlesUp - Lying for attention?

Bloggers can’t be trusted!

Mainstream media knows it! The FCC knows it! We know it ourselves yet refuse to admit it.

You know it and “Nic” from My Bottles Up (site has a black splash screen thrown up at time of posting)  has just proved it beyond question.

Bloggers seek attention. That’s why we blog. I’ve said it many times before, the only reason people blog is because they are attention whores. You can give all the excuses you want, or even throw out the oldest defence, that you blog for yourself. It’s therapeutic.

Well, if it’s therapy you need, or therapy you’re looking for, then buy a diary or share your woes with Microsoft Word and leave them off the internet.

We are attention seekers.

In a spark of what I will kindly assume what psychotic behavior, either that or her bottle really had been upended and emptied (repeatedly) one mommy blogger has proven why bloggers are not to be taken seriously, let alone be trusted.

She wrote a long and impassioned post decrying and vilifying the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) claiming that they had taken and separated her from her son, among many other spurious allegations.

My son was taken from me.


My son was taken from me by the TSA agents at Atlanta Harstfield-Jackson airport yesterday.

As usual twitter was in uproar. As expected the support rolled in, generating over 300+ comments on the post.

But then the truth came out. The TSA decided that enough was enough and released the actual security footage of her trip through airport security. All time stamped. An act of complete transparency which demonstrates beyond a doubt that she was lying.

She was lying. The story was fabricated. She is now in virtual hiding.

You know what the problem with attention seekers is? They desire attention. They’re always looking for new ways to get it.

Bloggers call that building an audience. There are many ways to go about this. You can work your ass off and write daily. You can run competitions and you can write about stuff sent to you for review. Stuff which other folks may not have. Objects that they want. Objects that they desire and will visit your blog to read about.

The FCC knows this. That’s why they implemented the guidelines that they have. They know that there are very few incorruptible people out there. Most people have their price.

Sure you may say that you would never compromise the integrity of your blog (or yourself) but who are you to speak for the millions of other people that call themselves bloggers?

Sure you may claim that your readers are smart enough to know the difference if you’ve suddenly turned into a shill or are lying or even just padding the facts a little. Well, if that’s the case why was everybody in uproar and support of “My Bottles Up Nic” until the TSA released the video?

You may still be angry that we are not treated the same as our traditional media brethren. You know, the media which has an editorial process and a visible entity to challenge (legally or otherwise) if information is false, misleading or just blatant advertising.

We are, for the most part, a pack of attention seeking wannabes. We have proven ourselves time and again to be willing to post information that is unresearched and uncorroborated. We’ve proven that we are willing to be shills for as little as $5. We’ve proven that we act as mob with knee jerk reactions. As of today we’ve also proven, not for the first or sadly the last time, that we are willing to lie just to get a bit of attention.

We can’t be trusted! Until we prove that we can be then we have no business claiming we should be taken seriously and treated the same.

25 thoughts on “The FCC, TSA, @MyBottlesUp And Why Bloggers Can’t Be Trusted

  1. Support of nic has not evaporated, imho, it has changed it's tone.
    People who knew her before this are now concerned about her on another level. Is she okay, is this a mental health issue? Is the video falsified (people are pointing to the spliced togetherness, and the time stamp issues)
    People who only came to know her through this are (understandably) upset, and I think everyone would like to figure out the truth


    1. I think she suffers from Munchhausen Syndrome (not munchhausen by proxy, but maybe?):
      Münchausen syndrome is a term for psychiatric disorders known as Factitious disorders wherein those affected feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma in order to draw attention or sympathy to themselves.

      Though whether or not she has it is not important to anybody but her family who has to keep an eye on her from now on, the fact that she did it to make money or get published is key. That meant she acted without thought to others for her own gain, that’s dangerous, and wait a second, it could still be illegal, we’ll wait for the lawyers to decide.


  2. I don’t for one minute believe this blogger made this up or fabricated it for attention. Did she ask for the story to be spread and re-tweeted? Yes. And I don’t think that was for any reason other than she honestly believes that is what occurred. Anxiety can torque a mind and slinging mud and pointing fingers is not the cure.


  3. My only response here is that you either didn't watch the video and/or are refusing to accept the reality that it disproves 99% of what she claimed happened… or that you are protecting her because she is part of the mommyblogger community and now is considered "not well".

    I am sure that if it were someone form outside the community they would be vilified for such behavior.


  4. I don't even know here, never had any interaction with her. And I am one of the few who do not believe the actions of any one person represent a community in its entirety.

    And yes. I watched the video. Show me where I said she was telling the truth as it happened; I said I believe she was telling the truth as she believed because anxiety can twist reality.

    But thanks for assuming that I can't think on my own and predicting how I would react if were outside the ''community''.


    1. I never claimed that you know her, nor do I care. The fact of the matter is that whether you want to believe it ot not, actions like this do reflect on all of us especially in term of our credibility as a community.

      You don't believe she fabricated it for attention! Hmm.. well then how about all the mentions in her twitter stream about selling her story? Not exactly the thing someone who is traumatized and suffering from anxiety cares about now is it?

      And I never claimed that you can't think on your own. I was merely pointing out that if this was, say, a man lying about the actions of a TSA and saying that he was beaten up, and then the video evidence proved that he wasn't, he would be torn to shreds by bloggers.

      And lets be truly honest. Watch the video. Now if anxiety is truly affecting her that bad that she has such a sense of distorted of reality, should she even be alone with the child? What if she attacks the next TSA agent she *believes* has run off with her child?

      I have and I am calling bullshit on this.


    2. Fuck that! I have a CRUSHING anxiety disorder. I have for years. Yes, I struggle with percieved or true threats but that's as far as my reality is twisted. I don't imagine things (or flat out fabricate them) and try and sell it off as truth. My panic attacks are brutal – so bad I'd never be able to fly let alone make it to a gate after my child was "taken" from me. I don't even take stock that she has anxiety anymore. I alo question the dibilatating knee pain she's taking vicodin for (looked fine to me).


  5. So true. One of the first things I learned when I started hanging out with bloggers in real life is that 'embellishing' is perfectly acceptable if you're writing a web log; supposedly, like, all the cool kids, like, do it. I've embellished the truth on my blog to make things more colourful and readable. I write about myself in my little online diary because people actually take time out of their day to read about my boring little existence and the avatars inside the computer think I'm cool or something … but the people outside of the computer think I'm the lamest narcissist ever talking about embellished events in my life on the computer. And they're right as you are in your "attention seeking wannabes" statement.

    But what this Nicole chick did was lie. Whopper lie. Psychiatric evaluation lie. Worse than James Fry – A Million Little Pieces lie. This wasn't embellishing, this was shameful, ugly, makes me want to vomit lying and I'd think the same thing if she were my sister or best goddamn friend. Shame, shame little boring mommy blogger who cried wolf.


    1. TSA has now posted all nine views, unedited. Go take a peek – do you still have a doubt about the jury verdict?


  6. LOL.. The jury is no where near out on that one. First off ask yourself why would they doctor it? Nic is a woman with apparent substance abuse problems which in itself would be enough to begin to discredit her story if they wanted to go down the road of bashing her in a PR sense.

    The TSA have no need to take the time, or effort, to put out doctored footage. They've dealt with worse accusations before and in all likelihood, if they had done something wrong they would have taken the standard line of "this is our policy blah blah blah.. but we are investigating any possible breach of policy"… and then swept the entire thing under the carpet. It would have been far easier to just ignore it that to risk releasing doctored footage which, if it was, would surely come back to bite them in the ass at some point.

    It simply doesn't make sense from a public relations view to doctor the footage. The potential ramifications would be far to damaging. In a case of "put up or shut up" they put up because, for once, they knew they were right.

    Also, Nic admits in her rebutal post that it is her in the video but she can't explain how her son is mysterious beside he in the stroller. She'll have to look into it???

    in the video, it looks as though my son is playing happily in his stroller while i am being searched with a wand. obviously this is the big discrepancy with my story, since he was not in my sight at that time, and one that i too am thoroughly looking into.

    Nah, I have to cry foul on this one. She wanted attention and she obviously got it.


  7. The timestamps on the video are what really make Nic’s version of events…problematic.

    She claims the video was edited. Missing time: 20 seconds between the overhead view of the x-ray conveyor and the view of the holding box (11:01:40, 11:02:00), then 19 seconds between that view and the view of the search table area (11:04:12, 11:04:31).

    The only other missing part is about 5 minutes of standing in line at the beginning.

    Editing video is one thing, but it’s _extremely_ difficult to fake timestamps, even if you know what you’re doing.

    Beyond the timestamps are all of the other things happening in the video – during key parts of her story, there is no sign of editing (people moving through don’t suddenly appear or disappear).

    Could that be edited together with people & actions that weren’t necessarily going on? Sure. But that’s a very time-consuming process, requiring a certain level of expertise. Assuming that TSA _did _contract with people from Industrial Light and Magic to edit this video, they still would not have released the video when they did–that sort of editing takes days.


  8. I have suffered from a severe anxiety disorder since I was seven years old, which has led to bouts of agoraphobia and that so-called “altered reality” when remembering details of stressful experiences. If I ever blogged such a serious accusation during an admitted state of panic, and then video evidence showed that I had greatly exaggerated, or even lied, I would offer a genuine apology in response. “I’m sorry, I was wrong. It was a stressful situation and obviously I either exaggerated or misinterpreted things. While the situation could have been handled better, that still does not excuse the accusations I levied against the TSA.” That would have been nice. Any decent person would say that. And yet, we get a non-apology with very little explanation. Her tweets about publishing, wanting the story to get more attention than the six people who read her page, etc. give me the perception that she really is more interested in attention than reality.


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