What People Don’t Get About The iPad

iPad - Service Not A Computer
Service or Computer?

Let me preface this post by saying that I will not be buying an iPad (not in the foreseeable future anyway). I own an iPod Touch and that is the end of my Apple affiliation.

I’ve been reading all the complaints about the iPad: No flash, no multitasking, it’s just a big iPod Touch, it’s a fanny pad sanitary towel in disguise etc…

What nobody seams to realize is that the iPad, just like its baby brethren the Touch, is not a computer (not in the traditional sense), it is a service.

It’s much like a TV. You can turn it on and watch or play what you like, but that’s it. You can watch channel 1 or channel 27 and you can install more channells (applications) when you take a bigger sattelite or cable subscriptions(the App store).

The iPad is not meant to be a desktop, laptop, netbook replacement.

It’s a stylish little one trick pony for people who like to be locked in and like to do one thing at a time.

One thought on “What People Don’t Get About The iPad

  1. Oh, please… you would be right about the iPad **IF*, Jesus…er… Jobs didn’t position this ppiece of junk the way he did. He offered it up as “better than a netbook” calling a netbook “slow” (despite most of them having a faster processor than the iPad). True many netbooks are not “instant on” but they are a real computer, the iPad is not.

    He offered it up as a “better” eReader, despite the fact that it is a backlit LCD which will give virtually anyone a headache reading book on it long term. eInk is a better technology for a book reader, and products like the Kindle and Nook (which both are clearly the targets) have far better battery life and are considerably lighter.

    So it loses on both those fronts.

    Top this off with the fact that this thing is an ergonomic nightmare, and what you have here is an overpriced status symbol (or as one person called it… an Itouch for Senoirs) that will take its rightful place next to the Newton and AppleTV, products that only the fanboy can love and will own.
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