Lights In The Sky Over Cobh

Setting off the Lights
Chinese Lanterns being lit

My sister Jenny, among other people have reported that they’ve heard, on Cork local radio ( Red FM), people discussing strange lights in the sky over Cobh during the night of Saturday the 20th of February.

Apparently there has been a heck of a lot of speculation including people saying that the lights, which apparently were moving in formation, where part of some sort of military maneuvers.

I’ve been finding this all a little more than amusing, as I’m sure my sister and almost every member of family does. Why? Well we known the true explanation for the lights and it’s nothing as sinister as military maneuvers or little green men buzzing Great Island looking for cows to abduct and mutilate, or the unwary to anal probe.

The truth is that the lights “moving in formation” were nothing more than a bunch of randomly set off Chinese lanterns, which were set off around 23:30 (or there about) from the Cobh Ramblers grounds in the midst of celebrations my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.

So happy anniversary Nan & Grandad, it looks like your celebrations brought a lot more attention than just those of us who were there to share it with you 🙂