Baby Megatron Will Have Revenge

Hail Megatron
I wonder if Megatron will smile about this?

It’s good to see that the idiots are out in full force. If you haven’t heard about it, the online world is buzzing about “Baby Megatron” or at least the baby who may be called Megatron now that more than 1,000,000 (1 million) people have joined the Facebook fan page called:


I hope the Facebook page is still available when the kids grows up, because he or she is going to have some serious giving out to do. He (or she) is going to have a list of a lot of people to take revenge on for the absolute torture they have encouraged in this kids life.

Hell, with a name like Megatron, it will be amazing if the kid survives to puberty without getting the crap kicked repeatedly out of them in the school yard or doesn’t take a long walk off a short bridge due to the sheer embarrassment anytime anyone calls their name.

Don’t get where I’m going with this? Think about how “Cook Poo” felt in the episode “The Perfect Week” of “How I met Your Mother”. Now multiple that by a million.

And how about chatting up a girl or a bloke? +10 for geek cred but -1,000,000 for ever getting laid!

Seriously though, this is the most daftest meme to have done the rounds in a long time.

Yep, it may be smart(ish), yep it may be witty and yes if it ever happens somebody and their baby will get their fifteen minutes of idiot fame but c’mon folks, don’t we have better things to be supporting?

As apathetic as online petitions are, don’t you think that as a species we could come up with something a little more productive that this to put our weight behind, rather than potentially scarring an unborn baby for life?

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