FeedBurner Not Updating Your Feed? Check The Size

FeedBurnerIt can be hard to track down problems with your RSS feed and for the past two days I’ve been trying to figure out why FeedBurner wasn’t updating my feed.

Basically the problem with my feed was that it was too large as I had somehow managed to change the settings in WordPress to include the last 30 posts in the feed.

It was a pain in the ass to track down too, because the raw feed of this blog displayed in IE and could be subscribed to in feed readers without problems, yet tools like Feed Validator and the W3C feed validator insisted that there was no feed or an error.

As with so many things in this world, size is everything and in this case mine (RSS feed) was just too large. The tools mentioned above simply couldn’t handle the size and FeedBurner was so intimidated by it that it simply refused to update.

The fix, in this case, is a little cosmetic surgery to reduce the size. By dropping the number of posts from 30 to 10, everything started working again.

For future reference, if you want FeedBurner to let you on board, you may need to snip the tip a little and reduce your RSS feed file size to below 512K, which is about all it can handle.

12 thoughts on “FeedBurner Not Updating Your Feed? Check The Size

  1. I may be a bit slow…. but how do I reduce the feed to under 512K or dropping the number of posts?? I have a blog on blogspot.com and I came up against this problem. And FeedBurner for sure doesn’t help you to fix it… In my stupidity I deleted the feed and now I have no idea what to do. And no one can subscribe to my posts on the blog. I am more than grateful if you can help me out. 😉


    1. You can always create another FeedBurner feed as you can’t actually delete the main feed from your Blogger blog.

      I’m not sure how Blogger determines how many posts appear in your feed but considering how long some of your posts are, I would try first reducing the number of posts on the front page of your blog to 5. Go into FeedBurner and sync your feed and see if it works.

      Failing that, you could always put out a truncated feed using the “short” option in bloggers settings.


  2. Just wanted to say thanks, I’ve now managed to create a new feed using your advice..And from FeedBurner’s point of view it all seems fine. However, the Feed Validator is still claiming that my feed is not a valid one… It beats me…


    1. You’re welcome, and as long it works I wouldn’t worry about it to much. It could be anything from something inside one of your posts to a Blogger issue causing the feed be invalid.


  3. Thank you so much for this advice! My feed was not updated and had not been in a long time. I deleted the old feed in Feedburner, added it with the new website adress and boom-shakka-la – there it went, updating nice and smoothly.

    The trouble was I already had a feed from Feedburner, but it was not updated. Delete feed, add blog again (with new) www address at Feedburner-account, and set it up like its brand new. Paste the feedburner html-code (from chicklet chooser) into Blogger’s html-box and wham-bam-thank-you-mam, all done.

    Thanks so much for this advice!


    1. That’s an excellent idea and plugin Jon, thanks for sharing 🙂

      I’m curious though how some programs that check whether feed content has updated and then update accordingly will react – aggregation plugins, RSS Graffiti (for Facebook) etc..?


  4. Hi
    I am having this problem for the last couple of weeks. How do I reduce the file size to less then 576k? I have tried everything I can’t find anything that works. I have added the max result bit to the original address in th “edit my feeds” part and it rejects it. I am completely stuck.


    1. Your blog is running on WordPress, so I would try going into your dashboard, click on “settings” in the sidebar and select “reading”.

      When the page loads, change the value “Syndication feeds show the most recent” to a value lower than you’re currently using. I believe you’re showing 10 posts in your feed right now, try reducing it to 8 or less.

      You could also try switching to truncated feeds which only show your post excerpts instead of using the full content, although personally I don’t like that.

      You may also need to go into Feedburner and use the “Resync Now” option after making changes to your feed.

      Hope this helps.


  5. Hi Paul O’Flaherty,

    Thank you very much. I configured my feed burner successfully.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ram, India


  6. Im stuck… Im trying to let my feeds flow, but the ping validator and feed validator are giving me some issues… sadly, Im not an skilled user with feeds and stuff… and im trying to let feedburner receive my posts again.

    If you can check this, I would REALLY appreciate it!! At least allowing me to know a solution. If I need to go to HTML edit, I’ll do it, im kinda used to it.. the problem is that I don’f get the paths or solutions on feeds…


    And my blog is: http://dinoblogcr.blogspot.com/

    Thanks in advance!!!!


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