Friends You Are Sorry You Added On Facebook

We all have know people on Facebook that we wish we hadn’t added as friends. People who we’ve added, are friends with, but either don’t like what they do with their profile or are unwilling to “hurt their feelings” and just unfriend them.

People like Misery Lady, who every time she updates makes you hungry for the contents of the medicine cabinet and really, those razors don’t look that sharp, do they?

Facebook Misery Lady

Or how about the relentless, disingenuously humble self-promoter. We’ve all got a couple of these marketer types on our friends list. I wonder if they have to work hard appearing that humble and if the shit-eating grin a genetic defect or did they have some cosmetic work done?

Facebook, the humble marketerAnd lets not forget the friend we all love to hate. The guy (or girl) who just can’t help reminding you about how great his lifestyle is while you site their grinding out the nine to five, contemplating home, wife, the screaming kids and the next mortgage payment. Damn, I hate that asshole.

Facebook - My life is so great

At a time when many of us are considering leaving Facebook, GQ provides us with 18 more reasons to flee like rats from Facebook, the social network with more privacy holes than a sinking canoe that was broadsided by a 98 gun ship of the line.