Did I Miss The Memo That Says It’s Okay Not To Think For Myself?

The news that some woman, obviously with an IQ lower than a glass of water, is suing Google because she used Google Maps to plan a walking route and got hit by a vehicle in an area with no sidewalk, has been clawing at the back of my brain all day today.

It’s not the news itself that is gnawing at the edge of my consciousness, it’s something else.

The woman is obviously either a money grabbing opportunist and/or  intellectually makes two short planks look like computer. The lawsuit will likely go nowhere, unless of course we are suddenly opening up every map and GPS making company as being liable for any accidents that may occur because some idiot followed the directions unquestioningly and refused to engage that minuscule amount of grey matter that is rumored to exist between their ears.

What is bugging me however, is the notion that such a lawsuit can even be initiated in the first place.

Have we as a species lost the very concept of self responsibility and the ability to use even a little bit of common sense?

At what point do we stop expecting others to do everything for us? When do we stop expecting others to hold our hand? Sometimes it feels like that we live in a society where the ideal is to disengage your brain and have someone else responsible for wiping your ass, much like Eddie Murphy had in “Coming to America“.

At least in that film Eddie Murphy realized the total lack of freedom that exists when somebody else (the state) is thinking for you and made a sharp exit for a life where he would have to think for himself.

When are we going to start thinking for ourselves? When are we going to take responsibility for our own ignorance and stupidity?

When are people like Lauren Rosenberg going to realise that technology is a tool to help you achieve your goal but you are still expected to display common sense, judgement and exercise a little initiative of your own?

When are people going to think?

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