Cam Girl Barbie – Wait Until The Mommies Get A Load Of This (Video)

Web Cam BarbieI may have started my working day at 5am this morning but it didn’t take long before this WTF moment rolled through my feed reader and left a permament scar on my subconscious.

What can I say about “Video Girl Barbie” (a genuine Mattel Barbie) that Paul Carr of TechCrunch doesn’t say in the video below?

Pedobear will have a field day with the doll that allows you to record without anybody knowing.

Here’s a choice quote from the press release that Paul Carr reads out:

… featuring camera video in her necklace, unsuspecting subjects won’t know that Barbie is watching their every move…

Best be careful when “strange” uncle Tom turns up with some new Christmas presents for the kiddies 😉

One thought on “Cam Girl Barbie – Wait Until The Mommies Get A Load Of This (Video)

  1. I loved the idea to use as a nanny cam however the whole uncle Tom is creepy. Wait a minute … isn’t it predejuice Uncle Tom! Well this just covers all my sensibilities.

    In all seriousness great for parents like myself to spy on your home care giver however if Uncle so and so provides this as a gift to my kids and insists on place it in their room himself then you know you need to investigate the toy a little further.


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