A Question Of Video

Question markTechCrunch is reporting that the social network we all love to hate, Facebook, is now the 3rd largest online video site in the U.S (numbers provided by Comscore).

Facebook apparently had 46.6 million video viewers in July compared to Googles 143.2 million unique viewers, allowing it to snag the number 3 spot.

The funny thing is, in all my time on Facebook, I can’ t remember when the last time I saw a video that was a “Facebook video”.

I see plenty of YouTube videos every day but Facebook videos are strangely conspicuous by their abscense.

Am I the only one that doesn’t see “Facebook videos” on Facebook?

2 thoughts on “A Question Of Video

  1. I see Youtube, Qik, and all kinds of iPhone service videos posted, but almost zero videos actually hosted by Facebook. I really would love to see how they actually measured this one.


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