Putting Social Media Outrage In Perspective

Putting Social Media Outrage In Perspective

30 years ago people complained about mainstream medias (it was the only stream then) coverage of the news and having too much control and influence.

Today, thanks to the empowerment of the internet, we live in a world where decisions are based on the outrage expressed by a handful of people who suffer from a combination of too much free time and a distinct shortage of functional brain matter.

You know of people I’m talking about: The dipshits that get upset about things like the GAP logo being changed, as if it’s actually important.

They are our new overlords. They are the outspoken, self-righteous, vocal minority.

Social media, the internet, blogs, micro-blogging, whatever the heck you want to call it, has become little more than a tool for the “angrier than thou” to spout their own personal brand of self-indulgent, ego inflating, vitriol and I can’t believe that companies listen to these morons.

Have we seriously entered an era where the ravings of a group of people, who’s lives obviously lack enough substance that the logo of a faceless corporation can become their raison d’etre, carry enough weight to change corporate policy?


Think about it. While you’re thinking about it consider this tweet from Alan Houser. It puts everything in perspective.

Putting things in perpective

The Chilean Miners will never know anything ever happened to the #Gap logo.

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    1. Practicing making babies with real people rather than stalking the unreachable online? Or maybe being creative and going out and actually doing things and meeting people, which brings us right back to the babies 😉 LOL


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