Meet HRP-4C: Creepy Female Robot Overlords Have Arrived

Liz Hurley in Austin Powers
Liz Hurley and Mike Myers in Austin Powers

Meet HRP-4C, the latest Japanese robot to give nightmares to little kids and wet dreams to 40+ year old virgin geeks that still live in their parents basement.

HRP-4c is a humanoid robot created by Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (linked page is in Japanese), weighs in at 43kg (95 pounds) including battery and stands 158cm (5 feet 2 inches) tall.

The physical dimensions of the robot also match those of actual Japanese women as garnered from the Japanese body dimension database.

While HRP-4c  is certainly no Liz Hurley style fembot like we’ve seen in the Austin Powers movies, it can already sing and dance.

It also has aspirations of becoming a fashion model and made an appearance on the runway during “Fashion Week” in Tokyo.

It may not be Terminator style robots that kill us all in the future, it may be a Japanese fembot called “Herpe”.