If You Have Nothing To Say…

Nothing to Say

Say nothing!

Seriously, all these people who are now using apps like “Status Shuffle” to update their Facebook and Twitter profiles are starting to get on my nerves.

I share a lot of stuff, make a lot of nonsense updates and generally suffer from verbal diarrhea, but… it’s my diarrhea that I’m spreading. I don’t have to rely on a 3rd party app to make me look interesting. You either like what I have to say and share or you don’t. I am either interesting or I am not.

I follow you because of what you say and share. I’ll still follow you even if you don’t update for a few days.

Not updating every few hours is okay. Not updating for a couple of days is okay!

No, really it  is, we’ll still be here when you come back. It’s you that we want to follow after all.

Status Shuffle and other apps of that ilk are not you. It’s not your thoughts (no matter how inane), your interests or your shares.

I’m following you (for now).

4 thoughts on “If You Have Nothing To Say…

  1. I agree, and I’ll go further and say I feel outright deceived when someone chucks up a witty status, and I think “gee, they’re wittier than I thought!” only to get to the end of the status and realize it’s one of those shuffle messages. Well, maybe nothing as dramatic as outright deceived, but it still irks me.


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