America Hates Pedestrians

Monty Python Traffic Lights
Yes, it's this silly!

In the good old U.S. of A there’s one thing that can be consistently relied upon: when you are tasked with having to negotiate a pedestrian crossing you need to be an Olympic sprinter in order to make it across the road within the allotted time.

I’ve noticed this wandering around Chicago with Sara, while I was in downtown Mobile today, and basically anytime I’ve had to use my feet to propel me across the asphalt in the U.S.

I’m no slow coach either.

I’m a relatively fit(ish), semi muscular, Irish bloke who is constantly being asked to slow down when walking with others because I trot along at a fair pace.

I’d hate to be old, fat, slow, have mobility issues or all of the above! I’d never make it across the road in the allotted time. I’d end up like so many possums I see around here – road kill!

When my beautiful wife has to jog to make it across the road in time, then you know that the lights are changing too damn fast!

I know America is the great car culture but can’t we spare just a few seconds for those of us who like to walk and take in the sights every now and then?