Okay, who’s first? (Rant about circumcision)

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I followed a post about Russell Crowe going off on Twitter against circumcision, to an NPR story about the upcoming vote in San Francisco to ban circumcision making it a minor misdemeanor with up to $1000 fine and a year in jail for anyone who mutilates a childs genitalia.

Side Note: Crowe later apologized for his rant (and took down the tweets) and in the process of apologizing lost the brief man crush I had redeveloped. Russell I haven’t had a man crush on you like that since you were Maximums Decimus Meridius and then you wimp out on me… dude, WTF?)

One of the things that really pisses me off about circumcision, besides the vile mutilation of a child’s penis (because we’re all made in gods image but we think the all knowing, all powerful god got this part wrong so lets chop it off – or is it that your fucked up, sick god really wants you to hurt babies?) or the creepy old guy putting the child’s penis in his mouth to remove the foreskin, what really gets my goat is the issue of choice.

Everybody pushes this as a freedom of religion issues. A freedom of speech issue. A freedom of choice issue.

That point was made eminently clear in the NPR post:

Rabbi Joshua Strulowitz of Congregation Adath Israel says circumcision is central to the Jewish faith. He says as a Jew and as a San Franciscan, he finds the measure dangerous.

“It threatens a liberal society; it’s so dictatorial; it’s so over the top,” says Strulowitz. “Limiting choice like this would be damaging to the very values that San Francisco wants to represent.

I highlighted one section of that quote because I want you to read it again – “Limiting choice like this would be damaging to the very values that San Francisco wants to represent.”

If you’re so quick to defend the freedom to choose then tell me where the childs freedom to choose is? Does the child get a say in whether or not you take a blade to his penis? Does the child spotaneously develop the ability to speak and say – “why yes, I’d love you to cut off a piece of my dick and potentially make sex less pleaurable for me for the rest of my life!”?

No, there is no choice for the child.

Why not wait until the child is 18? Why not wait until the child is old enough to make an educated, adult choice about their faith and, if they so choose, do the circumcision then?

I’ll tell you why! Because no sane man, who’s had the pleasure and company of a complete penis for the first 18 years of his life, would ever even contemplate allowing someone to cut a part of their penis off. They’d scream blue fucking murder and probably bludgeon to death anyone who tried to cut them…

An adult would question the sanity of the decision when it has to happen to them.

When it’s done to a child it’s not happening to you. It’s easy to rationalize it away (yes I used the word rationalize there and the irony is not wasted on me). You don’t have to feel the pain and you get to say that the child will get to grow up to be just like everyone else (except that’s not true either is it?).

What if I was to take a blade out right now and tell you that you are required, by faith, to have your earlobes cut off (after all they serve no real purpose)?

You’d call me a nut-job and if I tried to do it without your consent you’d have me locked away.

Apparently the slicing off of earlobes is not mandated by god and even if it was, you’re adult brain wouldn’t allow it to happen to you.

But we’re not talking about adults are we? We’re talking about innocent, defenseless children, who rely on us to protect them… so we’ll just cut bits of them off and celebrate…

3 thoughts on “Okay, who’s first? (Rant about circumcision)

  1. I use to work for a urologist. Guess who we saw most for circumcisions. Grown men ranging in age from 18 – 80.


    1. That only stands to reason Lisa and I fail to see your point. If men come in for circumcisions that is entirely their right and choice. However, the fact that some men do come in is not a debunking of the fact that most men would be terrified of the idea.

      That’s like saying, I used to work at a gay bar… guess what, most of the men in the bar were gay….

      Secondly, what exactly does your comment have to do with the issue of people mutilating children and no choice being given to the child?


  2. AMEN! As a mother of 2 boys (11 and 5) who had to fight to keep them intact and perfect, I appreciate and *love* this post. I applaud you for bringing light to this issue.

    And also…HI, SARA! Been thinking of you and Christian says hi to Gabby. 🙂 You picked a winner – I’m so happy for you!


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