Seriously America? “You Mad Bro?” Is Racial Intimidation?


I’ve facepalmed (if you don’t understand “facepalm” then don’t even bother reading this rant… it will go right over your head) at least 20 times while trying to put the words together to express the level of idiocy being displayed by the NAACP and Fox 8 News who ran this as a legitimate story!

I would like to say that we expect better of Fox… but I can’t honestly say that and keep a straight face.

On the other hand we have the NAACP who pride themselves on being America’s oldest and largest civil rights organization, and appear to be doing everything they can to ensure they never get taken seriously when a real race issue does arise.

It’s bad enough that NAACP members shamed Hallmark into discontinuing and pulling a card because they refuse to get their hearing aids repaired, but now students are being investigated because people are incapable of doing a Google search for “U mad bro?“.

“At the conclusion of the game, some of their students and parents put up a sign that we believe was racial intimidation, ethnic intimidation,” said Roderick Coffee, president of the Lake County chapter of the NAACP, who was also at the game.”

Okay, lets clear this up – “U mad bro?” is simply something you say online when you want to kick someone when their down. For example, lets say you prove somebody wrong in a forum discussion and they go off on a mad loon rant. Instead of responding in kind, you just respond with “U mad bro?” and watch the fireworks.

Works in gaming too. Snipe somebody repeatedly and watch their twelve year old, XBox Live mentality freak out and start accusing you of being a sheep shagging camper while graphically informing you how many people have slept with your mother (which apparently is a lot… like the entire population of the world – twice).

Switch on your microphone long enough to drop a little “U mad bro?” and they’ll either rage quit (quit out of the game because they are seriously sore losers) or they’ll suffer an epic Angry German Kid style mental explosion that makes instant YouTube stars.

While I’m at it, is the Painesville Harvey football team exclusively black and even if it is, since when did “bro” become an exclusively black term? Somebody forgot to send me the memo about that…

Seriously, do bromances only happen between colored people now? If so, then I’ve got bad news for Gabe… We’ve got to split up bro… Oh shit.. I can’t say that… We’ve got to split up mate…

And America? C’mon bro! Is this really what you want to get annoyed about? Since when did you guys become a bunch of pussies who get offended at the drop of a hat and need to “launch investigations” and have greeting cards banned because the nanny state doesn’t protect you from your own ignorance, or the differing opinions of others?

I thought this was the land of the free, with free speech (yeah I know that’s bollocks)…

This is a prime example of people who believe they have the right “not to be offended” (which they don’t) trampling on the rights of those that have the right “to offend” (which they do) because they are too ignorant and lazy to do a simple Google search.

Americans used to have the reputation of being the bad asses of the world. A place where anything goes as long as you have a dream and freedom of speech was paramount…

These days, the America that is portrayed in American media coverage is one of a whining, moaning, over sensitive populace that wants the nanny state to do everything from raise their kids, think for them and defend them from the “dangerous” ideas of the less igorant.

The demise of the American dream to protect peoples fragile, ignorance fuelled sensibilities is what’s really fucking insulting here.

U mad bro?

4 thoughts on “Seriously America? “You Mad Bro?” Is Racial Intimidation?

  1. Free speech in America? I’m seriously cracking up at that one! I think we’ve got to be one of the most censored “free” countries in the entire world. I also think way too many people have nothing better to do with their time than find things to be offended about. It’s like the American past time now. Eat apple pie, watch people hit a ball with a bat and run in circles, and get offended over anyone who even blinks at you the wrong way. It has finally ceased to surprise me at the things people get all up in arms about.


  2. Ignorance comes in many flavours Paul. Unfortunately, most of them leave a bad taste in your mouth. In Canada, the Radio & Television Commission recently banned Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing because of the “little faggot” reference. This song was recorded in 1984! Last week, after months of protests fron all over the country, including an explanation from Mark Knoffler, the ban was lifted.

    No doubt, someone will explain to the world that “You mad Bro” has no racial overtones, but it’s sad to think that explanations are required at all.


  3. It’s not racist. It’s sexist… and it offends me.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    I have taken the liberty to alert the National Organization for Women and MADRE of this horrible sexist offense. Hopefully justice will be served.

    U mad sis?


  4. Sorry I’m late to the party. I gotta agree with Nikki. America is dumb and getting dumber. I could rant, but I seriously can’t care any more.


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